Remembering Jacklyn Zeman: A Beloved Cast Member of General Hospital

Denise Alexander, a fellow cast member of General Hospital, is paying tribute to the late Jacklyn Zeman, who passed away suddenly on May 9 after a brief battle with cancer. Zeman, who turned 70 just three days before her passing, had her final episode of General Hospital air on April 27.

In a heartfelt letter shared by Soap Hub on May 15, Alexander expressed her deep sorrow and fond memories of Zeman. She described Zeman as someone with an infectious sweetness, brilliant humor, and lovely goodness. Their friendship spanned both on and off the camera, and Alexander expressed her love for Zeman.

Denise Alexander, known for her role as Dr. Lesley Webber, joined the General Hospital cast in 1973, while Jacklyn Zeman joined as Nurse Bobbie Spencer in 1977. Throughout the years, their friendship grew stronger, making Zeman’s passing even more heartbreaking for Alexander.

While not all of Alexander’s former cast mates publicly honored Zeman, Anthony Geary, who portrayed Luke Spencer, shared an exclusive message with TVLine. Geary highlighted Zeman’s admirable character, noting that she never spoke ill of anyone, a rare quality in a competitive industry like theirs.

Frank Valentini, a soap opera executive producer, was the first to announce Zeman’s passing. He described her as a bright light and a true professional who brought positive energy to work every day. While her absence will be deeply felt, her uplifting attitude will never be forgotten.

As news of Zeman’s passing spread, countless condolences flooded in for the beloved actress. Her General Hospital TV family mourned her loss and praised her generosity and positive outlook, even during her most challenging days. Zeman’s legacy will forever be cherished and remembered fondly.

Laura Wright, who portrayed Carly Spencer, Zeman’s character’s daughter on the show, took to Instagram to share her memories of her time spent with the vibrant actress. Wright expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with Zeman, describing her as someone with captivating stories, an infectious spirit, and an incredible life.

Tamara Braun, who succeeded Wright in the role of Carly, joined in paying tribute to Zeman on Instagram. Braun expressed her shock and sadness, emphasizing the impact Zeman had on her and the importance of their deep conversations and laughter.

Sarah Joy Brown, the first actress to play Zeman’s daughter on General Hospital, took to Twitter to honor her memory. Brown spoke highly of Zeman’s beauty, both inside and out, and expressed her condolences to Zeman’s loved ones and fans.

Jacklyn Zeman’s passing has left a void in the hearts of those who knew her and the fans who cherished her on General Hospital. Her kindness, talent, and positivity will forever be remembered, and her influence on the show will never be forgotten.


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