Remember the famous McCaughey septuplets?

The septuplets, whose birth in 1997 made headlines around the world, are now old enough to officially mark their birthday with champagne.

Prior to a family gathering on Wednesday to mark a new milestone in a journey that began when they became the first septuplets to survive, the McCaughey siblings celebrated turning 21 on Monday in a variety of locations.

The fourth-oldest sibling, Kelsey McCaughey, told TODAY, “I think that we’re all growing extremely autonomous and finding our individual abilities and different skill sets. It’s fun to commemorate this distinct achievement.

As the first set of surviving septuplets in history, Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey’s seven children created a sensation when they were born nine weeks early at a hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. Just a few days after their birth, they made an appearance on TODAY.

As kids enter maturity, they are now each forging their own trajectories.

They have had a variety of interests since they were very little, Bobbi said on TODAY. “They still have a very strong bond, but they also like hanging out with their friends and trying out new things to do and classes to enroll in.”

For their birthday, there won’t be a wild party with a huge bar tab; instead, they’ll just make a sweet trip back home for a low-key celebration.

Although it would be legal, Bobbi jokingly said, “it won’t be happening.”

All of the children received scholarships when they were born to attend Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri, where Kelsey, Natalie, Nathan, Joel, and Alexis are currently enrolled.

Alexis is majoring in early childhood education, Natalie in exercise science, Joel in computer information systems, and Kelsey is majoring in public relations.

Going away to college was “certainly a culture shock,” according to Kelsey. “We were raised in Iowa for 18 years, so we had no actual exposure to anything else.

Being away from our parents and outside of Iowa was a challenging adjustment, but I believe that we all welcomed it and truly made new friends and met new people in a new atmosphere.

Kenny Jr. is enrolled in a construction trades vocational school while residing at the family’s Iowa home. In the U.S. Army, Brandon is now serving in another country.

There is undoubtedly much less noise in the family household these days.

Kenny Sr. added, “We don’t have to deal with problems like we used to. We now have more time to spend together.

It has changed significantly, Bobbi said. In some ways, it’s been fun since Kenny and I have had more opportunities to do things together, but I also kind of miss the routine of having everyone at home. It’s incredibly fun and something we look forward to when they come home.

Over time, the family’s panic in the media has gradually subsided.

Since we share a similar appearance, I’d say Kenny and I still get recognized fairly frequently, but no one recognizes the kids at all,” Bobbi remarked.

Additionally, Kenny Sr. and Bobbi have made the decision to sell the seven-bedroom family house in Carlisle to Ruth Harbor, a Christian organization that helps new mothers.

The McCaugheys moved into a three-bedroom house in nearby Runnells after downsizing.

I believe it’s such a great chance for our family to have it, Kelsey remarked. “I believe the Lord actually placed that in my parents’ lives and just really, truly planned things so wonderfully,” my mother said.

Becham, a 1-year-old boy, is the grandson of Mikayla, their eldest daughter, who is 22 and lives in Kansas City. Mikayla was the first of the children to wed three years ago, and Bobbi and Kenny Sr. are now grandparents to Becham.

Bobbi remarked on being a grandmother, “The love for them is the same, but the duty is so different.” “I don’t have to raise him; it’s just great to be able to visit and experience the milestones and get to do all the fun things with (Becham),” the speaker said.

It was extremely nice to see my sister moving forward in life and starting a family on her own, Kelsey remarked.

The septuplets are also experiencing other signs of adulthood, such Natalie and Brandon getting engaged to each other.

When Brandon returns from his deployment, he intends to marry his fiance Alana Hale, but Natalie is scheduled to marry her fiancé Shawn Geralds in May 2019.

The family is looking forward to getting together this week despite everything that is going on to celebrate Thanksgiving the following day and blow out the candles on a large birthday cake on Wednesday.

Natalie told TODAY that she and her sister are also the closest of friends. We’re all really appreciative of the connections and ties we do have, I know that.


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