Remember him? He made a name for himself on the show Lost.

Are you familiar with the television show Lost? A significant number of individuals from all over the world have seen episodes of this series.

Hurley, who was portrayed by Jorge Garcia, was a pivotal figure throughout the entirety of this show. Hurley was a chubby individual who worked in a quick service restaurant and eventually became the winner of the lottery.

Because of this, he found himself on Flight 815. In the beginning of the show, his character was known for his comedic timing, but as it progressed, he matured into a more dramatic figure who frequently assumed the role of the protagonist.

Jorge noted that he had a lot of affection for his role and that, right from the start, he had the intuition that he would be able to win over the viewers with his portrayal of the character in the series.

After the conclusion of the series, Jorge was cast in other roles in a variety of movies and television shows. However, in recent years he has placed a greater emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and shedding excess weight, and he is now considered a model for others who aspire to reduce their body fat percentage.

Ever since he was a toddler, Jorge has had a large frame. As a result of his success in high school wrestling, he earned the nickname “Baby-Faced-Killer.”

In spite of the fact that he was older than his peers and coworkers, he did not let his age affect his happiness and behaved like a normal child.

However, he put on an unhealthy amount of weight, which may have an impact on his health. Because of the concerns of his family and friends, Jorge made the decision to make some changes in his life.

He made the decision that it was necessary for him to reduce his weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. He weighed 400 lbs.

It is tough for Jorge to keep his weight at a normal level, according to one of his friends, who also mentioned that Jorge is a very nice person and has the best soul.

He made numerous attempts to reduce his weight while filming “Lost,” but none of them were successful. It was then rumored that the production suggested the character Hurley go on a diet in order to lose weight.

Jorge made the decision to acquire assistance on his path, and as a result, he sought assistance from fitness coaches and nutritionists. He started shedding pounds by doing so, which was very helpful.

Jorge made an effort to reduce the number of carbohydrates he consumed while simultaneously increasing the amount of protein in his diet. In addition to this, he gave up drinking alcohol and made regular trips to the gym.

Jorge was able to lose 100 pounds out of a total of 400 pounds. Isn’t that fantastically encouraging information to hear?

Jorge is a somewhat private person, and he has not discussed his weight all that much. However, he does occasionally publish recipes along with what he eats.

It’s interesting to note that Jorge tied the knot with his long-term lover Rebecca Birdsall in 2019. They started dating around around the year 2013.


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