Regarding a difficult health condition, Dawn French appeals to her followers.

Dawn French, who will turn 65 years old this week, is now on tour in the United Kingdom. Due to the grueling nature of her schedule, she is experiencing a recurrence of chronic disease.

The comedian has throat nodules, which are growths that form on the vocal cords and are produced by straining or overusing your voice, especially while talking loudly or for an extended amount of time, as Dawn does on stage while she is on tour. This is the reason for the comedian’s condition.

As someone who is familiar with the health problem, Dawn has a clever way to manage her symptoms, using a steamer that heats to a specific temperature and soothes the nodules – unfortunately for the star, her steamer is on the way out, leading her to take to Twitter in order to make a plea for assistance.

She wrote in her journal, “This old steamer is my savior when I’m out on tour.” “It smoothes down my bumps (over), but… it is in its latter stages, and production of it has been discontinued.

After thirty years, this is my third. I came across this on eBay (in the US.) I was wondering if anyone has one lying around..? I’ll give ya a decent dollar…”

A similar appeal was made by Dawn in the year 2018 when she wrote: “This #virotherm is a marvel of a steamer that can help save your throat. It gets to a certain temperature as it heats up. Excellent for singers and actors alike.

The one I’m in is finishing up. Old. Like me. They are no longer produced by the company. Who’s got one they want to sell…? I will make it such that your wallet is fuller…”

Unfortunately for Dawn, her most recent request did not elicit any results, and instead, admirers suggested using a variety of alternative technologies.

In response to the suggestion that one of her followers use a Beurer steam inhaler, Dawn said, “I also have this but adore my ol faithful.”

Currently, Dawn French can be seen performing on tour in the United States.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Dawn is successful in her search!


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