Dad throws out wife and children.

Sean Whalen is familiar with the suffering and heartache that come with a contentious divorce. He recalls clearly the day he returned home as a little lad only to discover that his father had changed the locks. Sean, his mother, and his younger brother were abruptly expelled from their home after a vicious quarrel earlier that day, leaving them on their own.

Now that Sean is a single parent of three developing children, he is beginning to appreciate the fortitude and tenacity his mother showed in raising him and his brother despite all odds.

Sean recently took his son to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. He couldn’t help but notice that their unassuming waiter reminded him of someone.

Sean commented on Facebook, “Over small conversation and drink refills, I got the sense that this single mom didn’t want to be there but had to be there and she was trying to smile.” It broke my heart.

The helpful but overworked waitress made Sean think of his mother.

Sean did something for the waitress at the popular Chinese restaurant rather than just paying his check and leaving. I can almost guarantee that when you see it, you’ll be extremely moved.


My memory of the day my parents divorced is indelible.

Dad and I have a heated argument.

My dad is driving me, my mother, and my younger brother crazy, so we leave.

That night, we stayed at a hotel.

My father had changed the locks when we returned the following day.

I saw my mother beseech him through the door to let us in so we could obtain clothes and other things.

He refused to.

Later on that day, we had to return with a police escort.”

“I will never forget the police officers giving me a black trash bag and telling me I had ten minutes to take what I needed.

That was the last time I ever entered the home where I was raised. I packed as much clothing as I could fit into the bag.

no awards for baseball. None of my ten thousand baseball cards. Nothing of mine. I even abandoned my beloved turtle.

My mother, my little brother, and I moved into a little condo but had no money.

Pots, pans, couches, beds, and members of the church’s membership brought meals over.

My mum literally had the money in her pocket when my dad practically cashed out the bank.

There was nothing that she could do.

No relatives around. Basically only strangers from the church as help.”

“I’ve still got no idea how she accomplished it.

How she managed to keep going at times is beyond me.

And I would have.

I clearly recall seeing mom on her knees in prayer several evenings as I would pass by her room.

I can only imagine what she and God were discussing during those exchanges.

The number of tears that streamed down this kind woman’s face as she begged God for a reprieve is beyond my comprehension.

In my day, I experienced some severe agony.

Although I had many doubts, this single mother of two boys never gave up.

She never gave up once.”

“When I became a single parent, I just started to understand what my mother went through while working many jobs.

When I was younger, I never realized how hard mother worked and how much effort she put into taking care of my brother and myself.

She was quick.

She put up a lot of effort to make ends meet.

She exerted every effort to ensure that my brother and I received everything we could possibly desire.

However, she had a job.


“There was a new waitress when my kid and I were seated tonight at this tiny, run-down Chinese restaurant that we adore.

She was an obvious outlier.

the Chinese owners. They are Chinese employees.

Moreover, this white young waitress.

She was outstanding and continually praised my son for his manners.

We consumed our meal.

I had the impression that this single mother didn’t want to be there but had to be there anyhow, and she was trying her best to smile throughout small conversation and drink refills.

My heart was broken by it.

I compared this woman to my mother and noticed that she was just as tenacious.

Maybe on purpose. possibly not”

“However, to put food on the table and shoes on the kids’ feet on a Wednesday night.

not for extravagance. not for status.

anyhow to live.

to hopefully be able to give her kids the things that will make them happy.

I felt sympathy for her.

I felt her suffering.

I couldn’t help but think of my mother and how challenging it is for a single woman to go from homemaker to breadwinner.

I’m at a loss to imagine what that must be like for some mothers.

I am aware that my tip won’t cover her rent. I am aware that my tip will not cover the cost of my children’s braces. I’m aware that my gratuity won’t keep the fridge stocked.

But tonight I hoped that somehow it would bring a smile to her face, making her return to her children happier than when she had left them.

I don’t know the full tale of her.

I do not have to.

Tonight, I got the impression that maybe along the road, someone had done something for my mother, and that’s what kept her going on the nights when she wanted to give up.

I’m not sure.

I probably won’t find out.”

“But I am aware of this.

I am incredibly fortunate, and my mother helped make my perseverance possible.

She taught me how to recover.

I learned what work and effort are from her.

I’m hoping that by doing this small favor for her tonight with my son, she will feel happier and more motivated to fight tomorrow.

Respect for single moms who work hard.

You are lovely, and future generations will benefit from your work. They keep an eye on you.

I was just watching my mother.

Mom, I cherish you.

My hero is you.”

What a moving, amazing story of love and grief. Sean’s statements are really moving since being a single parent requires a lot of bravery and fortitude. If you concur, kindly SHARE this with your Facebook friends.


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