Put frustration aside!

You men, what if you’re not tall? What if you don’t look like the guy in the brand pantyhose ads? What if you don’t have money-rich accounts? What if other men take another woman home every night?


You, woman, what if you don’t have swollen breasts with the pump? What if you have a few extra pounds or less? What if your face doesn’t look like porcelain and what if your hair doesn’t always look like the actress in shampoo commercials? What if you have to work for what you have?


The environment in which we live forcibly imposes “beauty” on us. He tells us that X-ulescu looks sensational in the designer dress with a view of the intimate parts, that Y-lescu has the perfect shapes, without any cellulite (after going through photoshop or another editing program), that Z-ulescu wears it super good in the new house that revolves around the sun and that T-ulescu has a lot of millions of broken from clubs and parties from yours.


And this is how a mountain of frustrations appears, because we are not like the various VIPs. Why aren’t you like that? Why don’t you have that much? Why don’t you take her like them? … Why do we take everything that the TV transmits to us, we take seriously the pictures on the social networks that show only the holidays, the fun, the promotions and other happy events? If you’re not like them, aren’t you beautiful? You are not good?


The lack of money, the fact that you don’t have the body you see in magazines (most of the time modified), the fact that you have to work instead of going to exotic places cause frustrations … because we compare ourselves to others. And we complain about all the pity and we think we are not lucky at all.


No two lives are alike. Instead of comparing yourself to X and Y, you better ask yourself if God is proud of you right now. Ask yourself if all the money others spend on alcohol could not feed a lot of families. Ask yourself if those values ​​that society puts around your neck are against God. And if I’m against Him, why do you want them so badly? Are the values ​​that society puts around your neck really values?


Put your frustrations aside and get to work. Believe in your dream blindly, even if the people around you tell you that you are crazy. More importantly, you believe in God. With His help, you will be able to do anything. You, as a human being, can fail, but He is Almighty. He has no limits. With Him, you will see that anything is possible and that frustration has nothing to do with your life. He gives you an incredible purpose. With Him, you will see that this life you have here on Earth is insignificant compared to what follows. With Him you have security even if today things are not exactly rosy. Jesus died for you too, and He did this because He loved you, because He wants you to have eternal life. It’s a gift he gave to all people … and some don’t take it into account … and it’s sad that many times those people set the values ​​of the world.


Frustration has nothing to do with your life. What if you’re not like other people? What if some don’t pay attention to you? Why do you think it’s better to be different than you are now? Let people make fun of you for your faith in God. If you see that people’s values ​​are far from God, why envy them? Pray for them!


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