Prince Harry reacts angrily to the Royal Family’s decision

Prince Harry responded angrily after he was ordered not to wear the full ceremonial version of his military uniform, despite the fact that his disgraced uncle is allowed to do so.

Prince Harry has responded to claims that he has been prohibited from wearing his full ceremonial military uniform during formal occasions to mourn the passing of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, despite the fact that his disgraced uncle is allowed to do so.

The Duke of Sussex, like his uncle the Duke of York, is not considered to be a working member of the royal family and hence is not permitted to wear his military uniform in accordance with royal regulations.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding his association with the convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew withdrew from public life.

Prince Harry has made the decision to give up his royal title in 2020 and go to the United States with his new wife, Meghan Markle.

During the period of mourning for the Queen, those members of the royal family who hold working jobs will attend five different ceremonial ceremonies wearing the appropriate uniforms for their jobs.

The Thanksgiving Service will be held at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. The procession to Westminster Hall will be followed by a service of prayer and reflection. The Vigil will be held at Westminster Hall. The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey. The Committal Service will be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

It has come to light that Andrew will be granted permission to wear his uniform at the vigil that will take place in Westminster Abbey on Wednesday.

Reports indicate that Prince Andrew will pay his late mother one last homage by donning the outfit he wore when she served as Vice Admiral of the Navy.

He no longer holds any other military ranks save this one.

Now, Prince Harry has provided a response to this judgment, and in it, he makes it clear that he was not afforded the same exception as his uncle.

His press secretary has stated that Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, will dress appropriately for the celebrations that will be held in his grandmother’s honor by donning a morning suit.

“His decade of military duty is not determined by the uniform he wears, and we humbly ask that the focus remain on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.” “His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears.”

Buckingham Palace has issued a statement confirming this decision.


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