Plus-Sized Rider’s Demand For Taxis To Accommodate Her Weight Deemed “Outrageous”

In the latest push for so-called “fat-pride” activism, plus-size travel influencer Jaelynn Chaney, known to her followers as Jae Bae, is now targeting rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Chaney, who has previously demanded airlines provide extra free seats for obese passengers, took to TikTok to urge rideshare companies to require their drivers to carry seatbelt extenders for plus-size passengers.

“Every time I use a rideshare, I’m forced to go without a seatbelt because no belt extenders are available. This is a common issue for many plus-size individuals,” Chaney claimed in her video caption. She went on to argue that this isn’t merely an inconvenience but a safety hazard, insisting that rideshares should be mandated to provide at least one seatbelt extender per vehicle.

In her video, Chaney demonstrated the problem by attempting to buckle up in a sedan, explaining that even though she carries a “universal” seatbelt extender, it often doesn’t fit. She proposed that companies like Uber and Lyft should reimburse drivers for the cost of seatbelt extenders, which are available for as little as $12 on Amazon. “If each driver carried at least one seatbelt extender specifically fitted for their vehicle, this problem could be eliminated. Safety for all sizes SHOULD NOT be optional,” she concluded.

The response to her video was overwhelmingly unsympathetic. Many commenters suggested that Chaney should take personal responsibility for her weight. “Not trying to be rude, but if you need an extender to use a seatbelt in a car, that should be a sign to lock in and lose some weight,” one viewer commented. This sentiment was echoed by numerous others who believe that individuals should address their health issues rather than expecting businesses to accommodate their lifestyle choices.

Chaney, who believes she has a divine calling to advocate for plus-size people, frequently uses her social media platforms to highlight perceived discrimination against obese individuals, particularly in airports. She recently shared an incident at Chicago O’Hare airport where she claimed staff did nothing to help her after she got stuck in a revolving door while being pushed in a wheelchair.

Her advocacy extends beyond rideshares and airlines. Chaney’s petition to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to mandate airlines to provide free seats to obese passengers has garnered over 39,000 signatures. She argues that airlines should accommodate plus-size travelers to ensure their safety and comfort during flights, a stance that has stirred considerable controversy.

Despite her weight, Chaney has openly discussed her success in finding romantic partners. In a recent video, she revealed that the same “gym rats” who troll her on TikTok also proposition her for sex on Tinder. Chaney is currently in a polyamorous relationship with her husband.

Undeterred by the criticism, Chaney continues to push for changes that she believes will make travel safer and more comfortable for plus-size individuals. While her efforts have sparked conversations about the challenges faced by obese travelers, they have also ignited a debate about personal responsibility and the extent to which businesses should go to accommodate individuals’ lifestyle choices.


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