People Calling For Nurse To Be Fired After She Posted This Controversial Video

Choosing a career to be a nurse is not going to be easy. You deal with different traumas and problems of your patients every day. So you need to have a strong heart and sound mind in order to get through these experiences.

That is why nurses are praised for their dedication. However, one nurse is being criticized right now for her actions.

Everyone knows these days that whatever you post on social media will be seen and judged. That’s exactly what a nurse experienced when she posted a TikTok of her emotional reaction after a patient died. The online response though was not something that she expected.

The New York Post noted that the video was posted to TikTok on June 17 by user olivia_tylerr33.

She captioned it with “It never gets easier.”

She is right. Losing someone, even if you are not directly related to them and was just one of the patients is not going to be easy. And in the video that she posted, shows her pacing back and forth in the hallway of a hospital.

Then the caption said: “Lost a patient today.”

She then proceeds to lean up against the wall as the video explains, “Shake [it] off, you have 5 more hours.”

And while she was being emotional throughout the video, a song plays in the background with the lyrics: “I put my armor on, show you how strong I am. I put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am. I’m unstoppable.”

The TikTok user has since deleted her account. But not before others have stitched, dueted, and shared their thoughts about it. The video even spread to other social media platforms as well.

Some people showed support and shared their own experiences. However, most of the comments were not that positive. Some are even mocking her for doing the video and sharing it on the public platform.

One Twitter user replied to the video, saying: “Hold on lemme re-enact my reaction to get it on film and get internet points for it.”

Another user wrote: “My patient is flatlining… I need Tik Tok setup STAT.”

In another response, this user commented saying, “Not a single nurse does this ever. We have several patients to care for and when we’re dealing with patient A, we’re thinking about patients B and C. No time for this and quite frankly you get very hardened to death. This is attention seeking 101.”

While others find the video inappropriate and cringe, this Twitter user finds it normal to post content like this. The user tweeted: “Everyone is calling this cringe etc, but I don’t feel like it’s automatically performative or whatever.

I’m sure it’s hard to lose a patient. And I’ve taken selfies while crying my eyes out. Sometimes you just wanna feel seen when you’re going through it,” the user tweeted.

But what do experts say about this behavior? Do they also find this inappropriate?

Dominic Sisti, the associate professor of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, explained that the video was “ill-advised” and does “smack of attention-seeking.”

Research shows that nurses experience PTSD, anxiety, and depression at higher rates than other individuals. Due to repeated exposure to trauma and death, nurses also suffer from secondary traumatic stress.

So was it wrong for this nurse to express the emotions she felt at that exact moment through a video? What are your thoughts about her actions and how the public reacted?

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