People Are Disturbed At The Horrifying Truth Of How Vegan Meat Is Made

People Are Disturbed At The Horrifying Truth Of How Vegan Meat Is Made

Food always sparks passionate conversations, and few topics ignite more debate than what’s on our plates. One especially heated topic is the choice between eating meat and going vegan. Many people choose a vegan diet, avoiding all animal products, including meat, for various reasons, from health benefits to ethical concerns.

Several studies suggest that a vegan diet can help with weight loss and managing blood sugar levels. Of course, the debate rages on with strong opinions on both sides. However, this discussion isn’t about deciding who’s right but understanding how some vegan meat products are made.

For those choosing a vegan lifestyle, the market is flooded with meat alternatives that resemble and taste like the real thing without any meat. These alternatives are readily available in supermarkets, making it easier for vegans to enjoy familiar textures and flavors.

Recently, a documentary aired by Channel Four in the UK has thrown a wrench into the vegan meat enthusiasm. The documentary revealed the unsettling methods involved in producing these meat substitutes, leaving many viewers feeling uneasy.

One revelation from the documentary was the use of calcium chloride, a compound commonly used for deicing roads. Hearing this shocked one of the presenters, who couldn’t believe that the same chemical was used in food production.

In the manufacturing process, calcium chloride helps alter seaweed gel, creating a consistency similar to sausage skin, all without any animal products. The mixture starts as a mushy paste, piped through a machine to shape it like sausages. It’s then coated with calcium chloride to form the ‘skin.’ Admittedly, this process doesn’t sound particularly appetizing.

Another popular vegan product under scrutiny is Tofurky, a plant-based turkey alternative designed to mimic the taste and appearance of traditional turkey. Since its inception, more than 7 million Tofurky roasts have been sold in the United States. These roasts feature a blend of wild rice and breadcrumb stuffing, enriched with a ‘savory mix of wheat and tofu.’

The factory in Oregon, where Tofurky is made, can produce up to 6,000 roasts in a single 10-hour shift. After watching how these products are made, some people may find themselves questioning whether they’ll continue consuming them.

As more people learn about the intricacies of vegan meat production, there could be a shift in attitudes, leaving us to ponder: will these revelations change the way we eat?


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