Paul Harvey Made This Prediction in 1965. Now Listen to His Chilling Words

When I was a kid in the 70s, I used to work with my dad baling hay every summer. I always had a small transistor radio with me during those long, hot days.

At noon, I would take a break for lunch, park the tractor under a tree for some cool shade, eat my meal, and tune in to Paul Harvey. Hearing his voice now takes me right back to those warm summers when everyone I loved was still around. My heart aches for those cherished times.

From 1952 through 2008, Paul Harvey’s voice would reach as many as 24 million listeners each week. His program, “Paul Harvey News,” was broadcast on 1,200 radio stations, 400 American Forces Network stations, and featured in 300 newspapers. But it’s his iconic radio segment, “The Rest of the Story,” that most people remember him for.

America truly found a gem in Paul Harvey. Generations grew up listening to him, not just for his stories and wisdom, but also for the calming effect of his reassuring voice. His words could take you to another place, even if only for a few moments, challenging you and maybe even changing your perspective forever.

This man had so much to teach about life if you took the time to listen. I miss those days of quiet self-reflection and profound thought. Sometimes I wonder if we still take the time to ponder deeply as individuals.

Long before his illustrious career in radio and television, Paul Harvey penned an essay that he updated several times over the years. It’s a piece that has sparked its share of controversies. Whether you interpret it symbolically or literally, its truths are hard to ignore.

In the audio clip below, you’ll hear Paul Harvey read the 1996 version of this essay. It’s remarkable how accurate some of his “predictions” have turned out to be.

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