Pat Sajak’s Scary Surgery Scare

Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, recently opened up about his near-death experience after undergoing emergency surgery for a blocked bowel. In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Sajak revealed that he felt like he was on the brink of death moments before the critical procedure.

The ordeal began in November when Sajak started experiencing excruciating pain during a morning stroll with his daughter. Hours later, he found himself doubled over in agony, about to enter the operating room. “I was lying on the bed in the fetal position,” Sajak shared. “They tried to ease my pain with various medications, but none of them worked.”

Fortunately, his physicians eventually found a medication that relieved his pain and provided him with a surreal experience. “All of a sudden, I wasn’t thinking about the discomfort,” Sajak explained. “I had this incredible feeling of peace and serenity. It was like I was surrounded by beautiful pastel colors, and I could hear my wife and daughter talking in the background.”

In that moment, Sajak thought he had reached the end of his life. “Not morbidly, but I thought, ‘This must be death. This must be how death feels,'” he reflected. His greatest concern was for his wife and children, knowing they would have to deal with the aftermath of his passing.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Sajak’s worries about death were unfounded. “It turns out that I was merely high,” he chuckled. “Good Morning America” confirmed that his procedure was a complete success, and doctors did not find any underlying cause for the intestinal blockage, which means he doesn’t have to make any significant changes to his lifestyle.

Sajak has been feeling extremely well in recent weeks and has even returned to the studio to film new episodes of Wheel of Fortune. “Even after spinning the wheel, nothing popped. So I believe everything is okay,” he shared confidently.

During his recovery, Sajak’s long-time co-host, Vanna White, took over hosting duties. In their conversation, Sajak jokingly expressed his concern that White might take over as the primary host. “I discovered she enjoys hosting, and I’m a little nervous,” he admitted playfully.

Despite this playful fear, Sajak is still going strong and embracing his role on Wheel of Fortune. “I’m still on my guard,” he remarked, showing that he is ready to tackle new challenges with his characteristic wit and charm.


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