Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, talks about her mysterious “older brother” in a rare interview.

In a rare instance of candor, Paris Jackson spoke openly about her tight relationship with her three siblings.

Paris Jackson, the 22-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, has been talking about her upbringing in her Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered.

Omer Bhatti, a 36-year-old Norwegian dancer, and rapper is referred to by the celebrity and her three brothers as their “oldest brother” in the most recent episode, which was posted on her Facebook page on July 21.

The children acknowledge that they and their father Michael Jackson considered Omer to be their other sibling. The news may come as a surprise to those who have always believed that Prince Jackson, 23, and Blanket Jackson, 18, are the only brothers of Paris Jackson.

Omer Bhatti verified he is a member of the Jackson family when he personally appeared on the episode: Omer stated, “I consider myself an older brother because my mum was hired to be Prince’s nanny when he was born and Paris, I’ve been there since she was a baby.

“I’d say we kind of, maybe even kind of reared her. Yes, in every aspect she is my little sister.

He continued, “I can’t tell when I first met the kids because that would be like asking when was the first time you met your siblings. I was present the moment they were born.

“I always wanted younger siblings, and I got that with Prince, Paris, and [Blanket], so it was a lot of joy for me.

Paris, who is 36 years old, describes her older brothers as being like her dearest pals. They have my utmost love.

“Whenever we see one other, we feel rejuvenated by our time together.”

Paris continued by saying that despite being so close in age to Prince, she seldom, if ever, fights with Omer.

She added of her and Omer, “We’ve truly never had problems, never argued, never had arguments.”

In contrast, Prince, who is 14 months older than I am, and I frequently argue because this is typical of siblings who are so close in age.

The Norwegian dancer has witnessed the development of each Jackson sibling and has a special understanding of their characters.

In his words, “Paris was clearly a rebel, always more rebellious than Prince. Prince and Paris were extremely different when they were kids.

Prince is always much more in line than Paris is, and he would also pursue her, the man said. He would observe that I was in the same manner as him in that he was always the big brother trying to teach her right from wrong.

Omer Bhatti, better known by his stage name O-Bee, met Michael when he began performing at the age of 9. He reflected on their friendship in a statement, saying, “Being on TV and having these appearances later led me to Michael Jackson.”

When I was a young child and looked up to him in that way, “I was like a sponge, simply soaking up everything,” says the author.

He later claimed that I was like a smaller version of him, Omer continued. And in the end, I joined him on his tour. I would be seated almost directly on the stage.


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