Parents were about to disconnect the equipment that kept the little child alive – what the child did make them burst into tears

Losing a child shake an entire family, especially the heart of the mother who raised him in the womb. It is impossible to completely forget about it and move on. That child is like a part of the mother that broke and the wound remains open forever.

The parents in the following article had to make the most difficult decision of their lives, but it was for the good of their son, even if that decision would change their lives forever and leave a very painful mark.

This kid somehow managed to save them from doing that. Read till the end, this story will touch your heart.

Ali and Dan were so happy when they found out that Ali is pregnant with a boy. Sadly, the little angel named Daniel was born prematurely, almost two months ahead of schedule so the baby was placed in an incubator for 16 days.

The baby had lots of health problems, including leukemia, which at one point seemed to have been defeated. At 21 months old, he was found with the same disease that later brought with it a brain tumor that would be fatal to him later.

Seeing that the baby is kept alive by the medical equipment and thinking about the pain that he was going through in silence, the parents took the painful decision to disconnect the devices which kept him alive artificially.

But just one day before, something amazing happened. Daniel died and that saved Ali and Dan from making the most difficult and painful choice of their lives.

“It left us speechless, it was the last act to save us both from a painful choice. He made everything much easier for us.”, Ali, the mother says.

Because of his act of braveness, his mother couldn’t drop a tear at the funeral because she wanted to show respect to Daniel, considering that he never shed a tear, despite the pain experienced day in and day out.

Daniel is definitely in a better place now, resting and watching for his family. Thinking of other parents going through similar situations, Ali and Dan decided to raise money for a foundation to provide support and help to children out there in need. Let’s share this article and make Daniel’s story known!


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