Parenting in the Age of Opinions

Raising children in today’s world can be quite a challenge. With the constant flood of advice from family members and the unsolicited remarks of random strangers on the internet, it often feels like everyone has an opinion on how parents should raise their kids. This can be especially overwhelming for young parents who are still figuring things out.

One young father, Jordan Driskell, knows this all too well. At the age of 31, he is the proud dad of five quintuplets, all of whom are now five years old. Taking care of five children who share the same age can be a demanding task, particularly when they possess an insatiable curiosity and a boundless desire to explore everything around them.

To tackle these challenges head-on, Jordan Driskell came up with a creative solution. He decided to purchase leashes specifically designed for children to help him control his energetic kids when they are out in public together.

The Driskell family had previously relied on a six-seat stroller to navigate their outings. Unfortunately, this option quickly proved to be tiring for both the children and the parents. The kids would grow restless while confined in the stroller, and it proved inconvenient to take it everywhere they went.

On the other hand, the introduction of leashes has provided a practical and safe way for the children to wander and explore their surroundings while ensuring that their dad never loses sight or control of them. It’s been a game-changer for the Driskell family, allowing them to enjoy their outings without compromising on their children’s safety.

However, not everyone has been supportive of this parenting choice. When Driskell shared a video of the family’s outing to the aquarium, it unexpectedly went viral, garnering over 3 million views. Unfortunately, the response was not entirely positive. Critics argued that children should not be treated like animals and, therefore, should not be leashed. Some even suggested that if Driskell couldn’t handle the pressure, he shouldn’t have had so many kids in the first place. Others offered unsolicited advice, suggesting that the children should be properly trained or taught about the risks of wandering off.

In response to the backlash, parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa offers a different perspective. She believes that giving a child a leash does not degrade them to the status of an animal. On the contrary, using a leash actually enables parents to take their children out and about, rather than being confined to their homes. Dr. Gilboa emphasizes that leashes can be especially beneficial for younger children or those with neurodiverse conditions, as it helps to control their behavior in public. However, she cautions that by the age of eight or nine, neurotypical children should ideally develop listening skills, making the use of leashes less necessary.

Ultimately, every parent has the right to choose the best approach for their unique circumstances without having to face unnecessary judgment from society. It is important to respect different parenting methods as long as they ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

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