Our thoughts and prayers go out to the great actress Sharon Stone and her family for their tragic loss

On her Instagram page, Sharon Stone delivered an upsetting announcement. The well-known actress admitted that her family was going through a very trying time as her 11-month-old nephew passed away after a brief battle for life.

When Little River’s organs were discovered to be completely failing, the physicians tried everything they could, but it was in vain.

Unending suffering for Sharon Stone. The 11-month-old nephew of the 63-year-old actress, River, who was discovered to have severe organ failure and was on the verge of death, has passed away.

The well-known actress said that she is crushed by his passing, but she maintains that she and her family will eventually awaken from this nightmare.

Sharon Stone is in mourning following the death of her 11-month-old nephew.

River is the brother’s son of Sharon Stone. The actress posted a photo of the newborn on his Instagram account to mark the occasion of his September 2020 birth.

He nevertheless had no reluctance in informing his followers on social media. The well-known actress keeps her community informed about the drama she is going through with her family, despite the fact that it is a sad and unpleasant occurrence.

The baby’s death has upset the actress’ family, especially because his first birthday was scheduled for the following month.

Suffering was evident in the images of the young child, so the well-known actress created a video montage with them and posted the lyrics of Eric Clapton’s song “Tears from Heaven” in the description.

“In heaven, God needed River. I simply have to state that I needed him to be on Earth. A million pieces of my heart are broken. My days will never be the same, and I don’t know how I’m going to manage without the loveliest guy in my life.

I am hurt. River You are incredibly adored, William Stone. My darling little child, I’ll adore you always,” the baby’s mother wrote on Facebook.

Roan, 21, Laird, 16, and Quinn, 15, are Stone’s three sons. The actress stated repeatedly that raising them by herself was difficult because it required a lot of “work, time, years, and effort” in the midst.

The well-known actress desired a miracle.

Since learning the news, Sharone Stone has felt compelled to let her sizable community know about the sorrow she is going through.

More hopeful than ever, the well-known actress sincerely believed that her 11-month-old grandson would succeed, even if it took a miracle. Unfortunately, the celebrity shocked her followers a few days after this tweet by informing them that tiny River had passed away.

River Stone, my nephew and son-in-law, was discovered today with total organ failure in his crib. Pray for him, please. Next to a picture of the infant, Sharon Stone wrote, “We need a miracle. River was linked to the gadgets.


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