Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Shares Her Mother’s Final Words to Her Before Her Death

In a recent interview, Chloe Lattanzi, the daughter of Olivia Newton-John, opened up about her mother’s last moments before passing away in August 2022. Lattanzi revealed her mother’s final words and how Newton-John maintained her sense of humor until she was no longer able to speak.

Lattanzi shared that her mother could only say to her, “My sunshine,” before losing her ability to communicate. Despite the difficult circumstances, Newton-John managed to make jokes shortly before her capacity to talk diminished. The beloved actress and original star of Grease lost her life after a long battle with breast cancer at the age of 73.

“I love my mom more than anything,” Lattanzi emotionally expressed. “To me, she will always be my mama, not just Olivia Newton-John. However, I am grateful that she meant so much to many other people.”

During her time of grief, Lattanzi found solace in her mother’s vast fan base, which has supported her through some of her darkest moments since her mother’s passing. She described it as a life raft, an embrace from the universe. Lattanzi expressed her gratitude towards everyone who reached out and shared their hearts and connections with her.

On the same day as the interview, Olivia’s rendition of “Jolene” was released to the public. This duet with Dolly Parton was one of the last songs Newton-John recorded before her passing.

Lattanzi’s stepfather, John Easterling, was present during the interview and shared that he continues to talk aloud to his late wife. “I think about Olivia every day. And yet, every day, I am grateful for the 15 years I spent with this remarkable human being.”

Olivia and Easterling got married in 2008, and he considers her to be his actual soulmate. Since her passing, Olivia’s family, closest friends, and beloved co-stars have expressed how much they miss her. Stockard Channing, who portrayed Rizzo opposite Newton-John in Grease, described Newton-John as the epitome of summer – sunny, warm, and graceful. Channing added, “I will miss her terribly.”

Didi Conn, who played Frenchy alongside Channing, also shared her thoughts in a statement. Conn, a lifelong friend of Newton-John, revealed that Olivia was unable to walk during her final days. She praised the dedication of Olivia’s husband, John, and daughter, Chloe, who were always by her side.

Conn then shared her last exchange of messages with Olivia, where she expressed that Olivia was always in her heart. Olivia reciprocated the sentiment, saying, “And you are in mine.” This heartfelt conversation became their final communication on July 5th. Conn emphasized the personal impact of Olivia’s death, as she cared deeply, and her heart was enormous.

Additionally, John Travolta, Olivia’s co-star in Grease, released a heartfelt message upon her passing. He expressed how Olivia made everyone’s lives better and how her influence was enormous. Travolta affectionately signed off as “Your Danny, your John,” accompanying a photo of Newton-John.


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