Never underestimate a man’s power to make you feel guilty for his mistakes!

It’s funny how men know how to get out of difficult situations, and most of the time blaming us. And we love them as they are, with good and bad … what to do with them? However, we should kind of open our ears and eyes to keep someone who never learns from his mistakes … from us … it will not end the way we wanted.


Because you love him, you overlook a lot of things, which he does for you. There is no harm in this, but be careful not to overlook the things he is aware of that will hurt you, and then try to resolve the situation by blaming you. We are all wrong, but if we make it aware that we are hurting the person who loves us, and we are not able to take on this, maybe that special person deserves more than we could offer them.


Don’t underestimate the man you’re in love with. He will be wrong sooner or later, but if he really loves you, he will be mature enough to confess to you exactly how things happened and apologize to you, while assuming your reaction. My dears, there are times when even the obvious deny him and seek our guilt out of the desire not to lose him, but to look at ourselves in a negative light because of his talent for twisting words is the worst thing. which we can do ourselves.


Don’t refuse to think and blindly believe arguments that don’t make sense, because later you will hurt yourself … a lot of harm. Don’t believe words that blame you when you’re not to blame, but seek to be happy with a man who loves you enough to be honest to the end and take on the facts …. or a man who knows how to it makes you happy and knows how to say a definite NO to things that would hurt you.


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