Neil Diamond: Finding Peace in the Face of Parkinson’s Disease

Neil Diamond, the beloved singer-songwriter, has recently come to terms with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. In a heartfelt interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Diamond shared that it was only in the past few weeks that he fully accepted his condition after initially revealing it in 2018. Despite this challenging journey, Diamond expresses a newfound sense of calm and self-acceptance.

Diamond, now 82, retired from touring five years ago, but he continues to connect with his devoted fans. Reflecting on his current reality, he humbly states, “This is me; this is what I must accept.” He recognizes that this is the hand that life has dealt him, and he is determined to make the best of it. Diamond acknowledges that though his circumstances may have changed, the beat of his music will endure long after he is gone.

In December, during a performance of the musical “A Beautiful Noise,” which showcases his life, Diamond surprised fans with an impromptu rendition of his iconic song, “Sweet Caroline.” It was a rare and special moment for his hometown of New York, and he received a standing ovation from the audience. Accompanied by his wife, Katie McNeil, Diamond strolled the red carpet, adding to the nostalgic atmosphere. As he took the mic from his box seat, fans eagerly joined in, singing along to the timeless 1969 hit.

During the interview, reporter Anthony Mason asks Diamond about the challenges of seeing his younger self portrayed on stage in “A Beautiful Noise.” Diamond admits that the experience stirred up various emotions within him. He describes feeling a mix of shame, flattery, and fear. When asked about his fear, Diamond elaborates, saying, “Getting discovered is the scariest thing you can aspire for because we all have a façade, and the truth be known to all. I’m not some big star. I’m just me.”

Through his openness and vulnerability, Neil Diamond has shown us the strength found in embracing who we truly are. Despite the obstacles he faces, his spirit remains unyielding. As we listen to his timeless music, we are reminded of the power of perseverance and the beauty that can be found in every chapter of our lives.


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