Mystery Kitchen Item: Solving a Decades-Old Puzzle

One homeowner recently posed an interesting question:

Found this left in the kitchen of a newly-bought house, it’s about the size of a standard home oven rack. We’ve been stumped for years. Much of the house hadn’t been updated since the early sixties and the kitchen, in particular, was a near-time capsule – seems likely this hails from that era, but we can’t know for sure. Any ideas?

Adding more context, the owner shared:

Additional details are in the subheader. I posted this to some culinary groups about three years back, but no one could identify it for sure. I’m fairly certain it’s a cooking implement, though, given that it was found in the kitchen.

Community Opinions

Curious about the mysterious item, many chimed in with their thoughts:

1. This sub has taught me more about random kitchen gadgets than I would have ever imagined was possible.

2. It’s a Barbecue Appetizer Pan.

3. You could probably use it as a takoyaki pan.

4. You kept it for years? Hoping one day you would find out how to use it? Are you going to try it now?

5. And here’s me, thinking it looks like something you could poach a dozen eggs in simultaneously.

6. I’d still say that would make some grand Yorkshire puddings.

7. I’m not sure about the scale, but it reminds me of an egg tray used to keep eggs on display on the counter.

8. This is clearly for multiple tiny soups.

9. Based on the era it’s from and the handles, I suspect it might actually be for serving something rather than baking. What, I still don’t know.

10. Cool, now I want to see one in use.

11. Appears to be the fancy pee cups for gamers.

12. You’re allowed to have soup, but only a little bit!

13. Yorkshire pudding tray?

14. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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