My Daughter Completely Forgot About My 90th Birthday

Well, it seems life never stops throwing curveballs at us, no matter how many candles we blow out on our birthday cake. Hi there, I’m Patty, and let me tell you about the rollercoaster of emotions that was my 90th birthday.

As someone who has been around for almost a century, I’d say I’ve got a pretty good grasp on life. My husband, bless his soul, passed away a few years back. These days, it’s just me and my daughter Angie. Oh, and let’s not forget my grandkids—they’re the little pieces of heaven that walk the earth.

So, there I was, buzzing with excitement about my milestone birthday. Angie had promised that she, along with my grandkids, would come over to celebrate. The thought of seeing them filled my heart with so much joy. Those children are like miniature replicas of Angie with a dash of their father, John.

John, now there’s a wonderful man. Even after he and Angie divorced, he stayed in touch. Every Christmas, without fail, he sends me a card. I often wondered why things couldn’t have worked out between him and Angie. Life, right?

The big day finally arrived. I was on cloud nine, waiting eagerly for my family. But as the clock ticked closer to lunch, a storm of worry started brewing in my mind. I hadn’t heard a thing from Angie. Calls went unanswered and soon straight to voicemail. My enthusiasm slowly morphed into a gnawing fear of spending this landmark day alone.

Then, as if by magic or divine intervention, the doorbell rang. My heart did a little jig! I made my way to the door, half-expecting to see the faces I longed for. But, alas, it wasn’t Angie or the kids standing there. It was John.

A sophisticated silhouette holding flowers and gifts—John, ever the gentleman. ‘Happy Birthday, Ma!!’ he said, grinning ear to ear. Well, I was floored.

‘John?! You shouldn’t have!’ I exclaimed, trying to keep my cheeks from blushing too much. He handed me my favorite chocolates, which he remembered quite well because it’s all I’d ever munch on! He protested initially when I invited him for dinner, but when I mentioned apple pie, he was sold.

A dinner with John was a trip down memory lane. We cooked up a storm and he insisted on handling most of the work. We laughed and reminisced, and for that brief moment, my kitchen was filled with warmth and joy. But then, he asked about Angie and it all came crashing down.

It turns out, Angie, her new beau, and my beloved grandkids were off on a vacation. Planned for a month, no less. Without a single word to us! My heart felt like it had been trampled by a herd of buffalo.

‘Vacation? And she didn’t tell anyone? She just up and left? Why would she do that?’ I could barely get the words out.

John, equally frustrated, said, ‘Your guess is as good as mine, Patty. Where does she get off leaving with my children without telling me a word?’

Oh, the nerve of it! This had me feeling all kinds of disappointed. We both wondered who this new fellow was and why on earth Angie hadn’t felt the need to inform either of us.

Eventually, I did speak to Angie. She apologized and promised to visit with the kids soon. But, you know what they say about bridges and water. While I’ll always love my daughter, this incident left a scar. I had my moment of comfort knowing John was there to soften the hurt.

Now, what do I do in this situation? How do I rebuild that trust? Feel free to chip in with your thoughts. Because if turning 90 has taught me anything, it’s that life’s lessons never quite end.


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