Mom Says She’s Allowed To Snoop Through Her Kids’ Phones Because She Pays For Them

A mom from North Carolina has sparked a heated debate online after confessing that she frequently checks her children’s phones. Meet Laura Muse, a 41-year-old mental health clinician, who believes that because she pays for their phones, she has the right to snoop and ensure their well-being.

Protecting Her Children

While many parents believe in respecting their children’s privacy, Muse argues that her actions are necessary to protect her 15-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter. By confiscating their phones before bedtime, she ensures that they get a good night’s sleep and aren’t tempted by the online world.

Muse’s habit of going through her children’s phones started when they were just 11 years old and has continued into their teen years. She trusts her kids, but her checks are aimed at preventing them from engaging in inappropriate behavior and shielding them from online predators and scammers.

Justified Actions

The concerned mom believes that her actions are justified, especially considering the potential dangers lurking on the internet. She shared an incident where she caught her son, Cohen, posting shirtless pictures of himself online. She promptly addressed the issue and used it as a teachable moment.

Muse is not alone in her approach. Other parents have also resorted to snooping through their children’s phones to ensure their safety. A recent viral TikTok video featured a frustrated mother who discovered explicit pictures of her son and his girlfriend on his phone.

Divided Opinions

The debate surrounding this controversial method of parenting is divided. Some people support the idea, acknowledging the dangers of the online world, while others argue for privacy and trust. One comment emphasized the importance of privacy but acknowledged the potential dangers of the internet. To this, Muse responded that privacy is not a priority when she is responsible for her child’s well-being.

The discussion about parenting styles and the need for vigilance in the digital age continues. While opinions may vary, it is clear that parents like Muse believe that overseeing their child’s online activities is a necessary part of their role in safeguarding their well-being.


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