Mom Defends Son After He Gets Suspended for Punching Bully, & Internet Rallies Behind Her

A Brave Mom Supports Her Son After He Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Mom Defends Son After He Gets Suspended for Punching Bully

A Missouri mom has become an internet sensation after voicing her unwavering support for her son on Facebook. The tween was recently suspended from school for punching his bully, who had tormented him for years. Instead of being upset, the mom proudly defended her son’s actions, stating that the school and the bully are at fault, while her son used physical violence as a last resort.

After years of enduring torment, Allison Davis’s son finally stood up to his bully by throwing a punch. Davis took to Facebook to share her son’s story, and her post quickly gained traction, being shared over 145K times.

In her heartfelt post, Davis explained the events that led to her son’s suspension. She detailed the relentless abuse her son had endured, including taunting, threats, and even recorded incidents of bullying that the school had failed to address.

According to Davis, her son had reached out to adults and pleaded for help numerous times. However, the school turned a blind eye to the threats and continued to ignore the situation. Even when other students corroborated Drew’s claims and reported the bully’s behavior, the school did nothing.

Davis expressed her disappointment in the school’s lack of action. She had sent a lengthy email at the beginning of the school year, desperately pleading with them to address the issue, but all they did was make the bully and her son sign a “no contact” agreement. Obviously, this approach did not work.

Frustrated with the school’s inaction, Drew finally took matters into his own hands when the bully began threatening his 11-year-old brother. Davis emphasized that this wasn’t a rash decision on Drew’s part. He had endured years of suffering and had exhausted all other options, relying on adults who were meant to protect him.

The punch Drew threw resulted in a significant suspension, but Davis couldn’t be prouder of her son. She expressed her anger towards the school for failing to intervene and punish the bully, who had posed a threat to Drew and others for far too long.

Despite the unusual circumstances, many people on social media hailed Drew’s actions as courageous and necessary. They commended him for standing up for himself when the adults and the school had let him down. One commenter remarked that telling a teacher or the school is the first step, but sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Davis’s post struck a chord with countless parents who have grown tired of their children being bullied and the lack of effective action from schools. As of now, the post has accumulated more than 600 comments, with parents sharing similar experiences and expressing their support.

Drew’s story has even inspired the creation of a GoFundMe page to help him through the aftermath of the incident. The original goal of $300 has been surpassed, demonstrating the empathy and compassion from online supporters.

Bullying is a serious issue that affects 20% of students aged 12 to 18 nationwide. If your child is being bullied, it is important to seek help and take action. Visit for valuable information and resources.

Let’s stand together against bullying and create a safe environment for our children!


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