Michael Jackson’s Alleged Secret Son, Brandon Howard, Plans Album Release

Recently, a DNA test has emerged, claiming to prove that Michael Jackson had a secret son. Meet Brandon Howard, a 31-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer.

Brandon Howard, known by his stage name B Howard, is the son of 53-year-old singer Miki Howard. Back in the 1980s, Miki was represented by Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family. It was during this time that Miki met Michael Jackson, and soon after, Brandon was born.

Despite these allegations, Brandon has never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson’s son. In fact, he has no intentions of suing the estate as he has been taken care of very well and has his own successful career. Brandon released his debut album, Genesis, in 2010 under a deal with Universal Records Japan. He has also worked with notable artists such as Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Ciara, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jason Derulo.

Recently, a video clip surfaced where Brandon addressed the claims and the DNA test. He stated that the DNA test he took was unrelated to these allegations and that he is done discussing the matter. He emphasized that he has never claimed to be Michael Jackson’s son and has no interest in pursuing the family’s estate.

On the other hand, the Jackson estate lawyer, Howard Weitzman, cast doubt on the DNA test results, stating that they have never even heard from Brandon and that any deadline for claiming to be Michael’s child has long since passed.

FilmOn.TV owner, Alkiviades David, claimed to have obtained Michael Jackson’s DNA from a dental impression and used it for the DNA test. However, American artist Augie Johnson, who was in a long-term relationship with Miki, dismissed these allegations. Augie considers Brandon to be his natural son and even has pictures and records to prove it.

While Brandon did meet Michael Jackson when he was a child, Augie clarified that Miki was never romantically involved with Michael. He emphasized that he loves his son and wants him to have a successful career.

The paternity of Michael Jackson’s three children has always been surrounded by controversy. This recent revelation adds to the ongoing debate about who their biological parents are.


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