Hoda Kotb’s Eye Emergency

On February 1, 2024, during the third hour of the TODAY Show, anchor Hoda Kotb experienced a medical emergency. She went to work despite having a contact stuck in her eye, which caused discomfort and concern.

Kotb, known for her professionalism on air, admitted to her colleague Jenna Bush Hager that something was seriously wrong. She downplayed the situation, but anyone who has had a contact stuck in their eye knows how painful and alarming it can be.

Hager, immediately worried, asked if it was a medical emergency. Kotb explained that she had intended to go to the eye doctor but ran out of time. She sought help from the viewers, urging them to share their tips on how to remove a stuck contact on X (formerly Twitter).

Despite her concern, Hager tried to continue with the show on schedule. However, it became increasingly challenging as the situation escalated. After a commercial break, Hager announced that Kotb had lost all her eyesight because her other contact fell out.

Fortunately, the TODAY viewers came to the rescue by offering helpful advice on removing a stuck contact. Kotb even tried some of their suggestions live on the show, using a handheld mirror for guidance.

One fan recommended lifting the eyelid all the way up, looking all the way down, and allowing the contact to slide down. Kotb tried this technique on air, and to everyone’s relief, she was able to remove one of the contacts.


Kotb’s eye emergency serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking timely medical attention. Whether it’s a small discomfort like a stuck contact or a more serious issue, it’s crucial to prioritize our well-being and seek appropriate care as needed.

Have you ever experienced a similar eye emergency? Share your stories and tips below!


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