Melania Trump has fired back at a historian who insulted her for designing the White House’s garden.

The presidents’ spouses all have one thing in common: they all leave their imprint on the White House. They accomplish this through new settings, for example, although the Rose Garden, which has become iconic for the White House and the public, remains the most well-known. The Rose Garden hosts a variety of activities. During Donald Trump’s administration, for example, it was utilized for press conferences.

Melania Trump has decided that it is critical to invest in garden infrastructure and security, so she has purchased cameras, audio equipment, paving, and lights. In addition, the first lady desired the garden to be accessible to individuals with impairments. Melania’s modifications to the garden were among her final acts as First Lady.

More individuals are unhappy with Melania’s improvements since they believe the garden now seems more like an outdoor cinema scene than a garden. People are also perplexed as to why Melania chose to forego the iconic flowers in the yard. Many believe Melania Trump cut down ten trees planted during John F. Kennedy’s presidency.

Despite the unfavorable reactions from the public and the press, Melania stated that the trees had to be cut because they were affecting the other flowers in the garden by not allowing light to reach the flowers. It appears that those trees will also be planted somewhere, possibly near the White House.

However, several individuals disagreed with Melania’s decisions, and an online petition was signed by over 80,000 people urging that the garden be restored to its previous state.

Melania never responded to these allegations, but in August 2021, she decided to speak up because the debate had resurfaced a year after the gardens were repaired.

Melania Trump succeeded in obliterating American history, according to presidential historian Michael Beschloss, and what she did is known as “evisceration.”

This was when Melania decided to provide the explanation that many people had been expecting.

Melania pointed out that Michael misled the world by using a misleading picture. Melania is also supported by the current first lady, Jill Biden, who just uploaded a photo of Melania’s garden, where the roses bloomed.

Melania has decided to continue trying to help youngsters with health issues. She also works to eliminate and prevent social media bullying, a serious problem that many people, both children, and adults, confront daily.

Regarding the garden, I believe Melania tried to do what she thought was best based on her taste, and while differing perspectives are normal, she should be treated with respect.


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