Meghan Markle, praised by the Queen’s subjects

The Duchess of Sussex received praise for her “elegance” and “grace” at the memorial ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II, notably for the moment when she curtsied in front of the late monarch’s coffin. Many people felt that this was the best way to pay tribute to the late monarch.

On Wednesday, Meghan Markle attended the Queen’s procession in Westminster Hall alongside other members of the royal family, including her husband, the Duke of Sussex, and other members of the royal family.

During the ceremony, Meghan was seen standing with the royal family as the procession carrying the Queen’s casket arrived. Viewers of a video that was posted to Twitter and showed the Duchess in the background can see her paying respects to the deceased by doing a curtsy and lowering her head as she walks past the casket in the clip.

In several of the images taken during the service, Meghan can be seen curtsying while her husband, Prince Harry, stands next to her with his head down in respect.

On Twitter, a number of users gave positive feedback about the royal’s curtsy, using words like “graceful” and “respectful” to describe the action.

One commentator remarked that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, “executes a faultless curtsy.”

“Meghan’s curtsy was the deepest so, if we’re going off of royalist rhetoric, she’s got the most admiration and respect for her,” another person commented. “Meghan’s curtsy was the deepest so, if we’re going off of royalist rhetoric, she’s got the most admir

A third individual weighed in and said, “ the paragon of grace and elegance.”

Other users of Twitter went on to note Prince Harry and how proud he appeared to look of his wife. One of these individuals commented, “Can’t deny [that] was a great curtsy, deep and respectful. The fact that she’s wearing earrings that the Queen gave her is a nice touch. It seems as though Harry was about to break down into tears as well.

Additionally, Meghan’s action was reminiscent of how Princess Anne honored her mother in Scotland with a similar gesture. On Sunday, upon the coffin’s arrival in Edinburgh, the Princess Royal showed her respect by kneeling and curtseying in front of it.

During the procession that took place on Wednesday, Meghan paid homage to the queen by wearing jewelry that she has worn previously. She wore a set of pearl and diamond earrings that the Queen had given to her as a present.

This was the second time she had worn the earrings; the first time was in 2018 when she accompanied her grandmother-in-law on a trip to the Storyhouse and Town Hall in Chester.

Additionally, Meghan caused a stir when she arrived at the service in a vehicle that was distinct from that used by Kate Middleton, who traveled to the occasion in the company of the Queen Consort, Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall, who is 41 years old, rode in the carriage with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

It is anticipated that the monarch and her husband would remain in the United Kingdom until after the funeral of the Queen on September 19, which will be a national holiday.

Meghan and Harry have been residing in their home in California ever since they stepped down from their royal duties in the year 2020. While there, they are taking care of their children, Archie, who is three years old, and Lilibet, who is one year old.


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