Meghan Markle is in the spotlight again. What the Duchess allegedly did during a visit to Africa.

The rumors that Meghan Markle, age forty, used a charitable trip to Africa as an opportunity to advertise have brought her into the focus of the tabloid media.

It all started in 2016, when World Vision Canada extended an invitation to Meghan to participate in a film that would promote the work of a charity that was building water wells in Rwanda, Africa.

According to Tom Bower, a British journalist who wrote a biographical piece on Meghan Markle titled “Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the struggle between the Windsors,” the Duchess of Sussex visited Rwanda when she was in the first grade there.

She was accompanied by fashion photographer Gabor Jurina, who made certain that the Duchess had everything she need for a successful photo shoot, as well as her personal stylist, who is a specialist in the art of applying make-up and styling hair.

Because Brenda Surminski, the producer who was meant to be in charge of filming everything, was unable to go with Meghan’s crew, a cameraman from Canada was sent in to fill in for her.

Bower stated in her article that after shooting with children in Africa playing with a water tap, Meghan “disappeared” with Jurina to snap photographs with some of the children.

This occurred after the children had finished playing with the water tap. For the purpose of the unique picture shoot, Meghan brought a number of upscale clothing with her, which she wore.

According to Bower, the Duchess of Cambridge spent a considerable amount of time getting her hair and cosmetics done before taking pictures of herself dressed up in expensive clothes with African youngsters in the backdrop.

To put it another way, she used the event and the children for the sake of her personal image.

According to the Daily Mail, the writer stated in his book that Jurina spent four hours photographing Meghan while she smiled at the children in the town. Meghan was reportedly dressed very expensively during this time.

After Bower’s article was published, Meghan Markle did not respond to it, but she did speak publicly about her trip to Africa and explained how she balances her time between acting in Hollywood and helping others.

My life is constantly shifting, and I find myself in unexpected places like refugee camps and on red carpets. I will participate in both because I believe that it is possible for these two very different worlds to coexist.

I always knew that I wanted to be a working woman rather than the kind of lady who spends her days eating slowly at restaurants. And doing something of that nature nourishes my spirit.

According to Prince Harry’s wife, it might be difficult to go from a life of excess to one in which one has restricted access to everyday life.


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