Meghan Markle accused of not caring about hospitalized father’s condition.

Following what is believed to be a stroke suffered by their father, Samantha Markle has accused her sister Meghan of “elder abuse” and pleaded with her to assist the family.

After their father required immediate medical attention and was brought to the hospital, Meghan Markle’s estranged sister implored her sister to stop “watching and doing nothing” in response to the situation.

After Meghan Markle, age 36, was accused of not having gotten in touch with her sister, Samantha Markle, age 57, since the news came about their father’s deteriorating health, Samantha Markle alleged that Meghan’s actions were similar to “elder abuse.”

The father, who is now 77 years old, has had a tumultuous relationship with his daughter Meghan, and he has frequently discussed her in public.

He was unable to communicate after suffering a stroke in his home in Rosarito, Mexico, which caused him to become incapacitated.

It is believed that he is presently receiving treatment at a facility that is located within a few hours’ drive of where Meghan currently resides with Prince Harry.

During an interview on GB New, Samantha became emotional as she accused her own sister of “negligence.” Samantha was speaking about the situation.

She stated that “He’s been through so much” in reference to Thomas. Now there’s a stroke to add to the two heart attacks and the epidemic. That Meghan has not communicated with any of us despite our best efforts is unacceptable.

“Shame on her if she can’t find it in her heart to come forward, or if she doesn’t have the moral conscience to do so.

“He doesn’t have a lot of time,” the speaker said. She won’t be able to escape that for the rest of her life; she’ll just have to learn to accept it.

Samantha stated that she would be “spinning her wheels” if she tried to appeal to Meghan at this time, in response to the question of whether or not she believed Meghan could assist with the financial burden of the medical expenses.

“She had the ability to get in touch with him to try to work things out at any moment, but she hasn’t done so. How is it possible for her to watch him go through this? Who would do such a thing?

Samantha is the most recent member of Meghan’s family, following in the footsteps of her father, to express their disapproval of the Duchess. She utilized the television show as a platform to publicly criticize her sister on such a private matter.

To be with her father, Samantha took a flight from her home in Florida to the medical facility located near San Diego.

Thomas can be seen being lifted by two paramedics while he is lying on a stretcher while wearing an oxygen mask in the video that has been uploaded online.

Thomas was scheduled to appear on television in London the next week as part of the jubilee celebration, which will continue his long-standing pattern of garnering notoriety as a result of his relationship with his daughter.

He has a strained relationship with his daughter, about whom he has repeatedly commented in the media, and he has previously referred to her husband, Prince Harry, as “snotty.”

When he made the public announcement a month ago that he was going to the UK to attend the royal celebrations, he stated that he hoped to have the opportunity to meet Harry and Meghan.

He went on to say that he was interested in meeting Prince Charles and made a joke about how both of them had been “ghosted by our own children.”


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