Maybe then you didn’t realize that you hurt her, but if now you don’t see that she is trying to get rid of you for good, then it’s your fault, because you definitely keep your eyes closed!

One is to stay away from bad thoughts and the bad behavior of others because you want to stay away from those who can hurt you and another is not to care at all about what is happening around you with people who love you … and especially with the woman next to you, whom you love. If you want to live in peace, all you have to do is freeze your heart when you feel that something is not to your liking.


I know that having a woman by your side is quite difficult. It requires your attention, feelings, devotion, time, involvement. It makes you happy, but you will have to take care of her feelings and do your best to feel close to her as she makes you feel: happy. But you are human … you will both have better and harder times, you will both face obstacles … and you may not make them all perfect, but if your interests have made her suffer at some point given and you went over this without talking about him, if you ignored her when she told you you hurt her, then don’t be surprised that she’s trying to get away from you.


If you don’t want to stumble over anything, then open your eyes and move forward on the path of your life. I don’t think you’ll want to live alone, so get a companion and take care of him! If he loves you back, he will do the same. But if you hurt her and you continue to do this every day by showing her that you don’t want to correct your mistakes, then at some point she will most likely leave you alone, because she asks you to the one next to her more … because she’s willing to give a lot.


So if you don’t want to open your eyes and appreciate what it’s worth, don’t do it. No one can force you to do anything, but neither can you blame others if everything will not be as you dreamed!


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