Man States He’d Prefer Being Single Over Dating an Unattractive Woman

In a recent interview that has ignited a lively discussion, a man named Kevin boldly shared his preference for “attractive and busty” women, making it clear that he will not “settle for second best” in his search for a partner, even if it means staying single for a long time. Kevin, a 42-year-old machinist from Methil, Fife, opened up about his high standards, describing them as a “lifestyle choice” that he believes many men can relate to.

Speaking with The Sun, Kevin detailed his criteria for an ideal partner, noting a particular liking for women with long hair worn down. He humorously admitted he’s no Brad Pitt, but confidently stated that he can attract women he considers “reasonable.” Yet, he also recognized that his high standards make it tougher to find the right match.

Kevin’s love life has had its ups and downs, with periods of being single interspersed with short relationships. He once had a long-term partner but has been actively dating on and off for the past three years. Despite briefly connecting with someone via social media in 2022, Kevin remains fixed on his high preferences and refuses to compromise.

The dating world poses unique challenges for Kevin, especially since he does not drink, ruling out common social venues like bars and pubs. Additionally, dating apps haven’t been particularly fruitful for him, as he often encounters a lack of engagement and individuals who don’t meet his specific criteria.

Kevin remains unwavering in his determination not to lower his standards, despite the temptation of companionship. He is dedicated to finding someone who matches his ideal vision. On TikTok, where he frequently shares videos of his beloved dog, a Boerboel named Blade, Kevin has gained over 25,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of likes.

In one TikTok video that has earned over 10,900 views, Kevin openly discusses what he dislikes in potential partners, or his “icks.” He mentioned his discomfort with women who are too loud in the bedroom and those who selectively respond to his messages. He also reiterated his aversion to women who don’t meet his physical standards, showing his strong commitment to his preferences.

Kevin’s direct honesty and firm standards have brought mixed reactions from viewers. Some applaud his straightforwardness and determination, while others consider his approach to be overly superficial and unrealistic. Commenters have voiced their concern that his stringent criteria might be why he remains single.

Despite the mixed feedback, Kevin is unbothered and remains dedicated to finding a partner who meets his high standards. While not everyone may agree with his perspective, Kevin’s story highlights the varied preferences and priorities that shape individual experiences in dating and romance.


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