Makeup-Free: Embracing Real Beauty

Melisa Raouf, a contestant in this year’s Miss England pageant, made history by competing without makeup. In a world where women often feel pressured to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, Raouf’s decision has sparked a global movement encouraging women to go bare-faced and embrace their natural beauty.

Breaking the Mold

Raouf, 20, is the first contestant in Miss England’s 94-year history to compete without wearing any makeup. This brave decision has challenged the notion of beauty and perfection perpetuated by society and social media. Raouf believes that women should not be judged or scrutinized for not conforming to narrow beauty standards.

Empowering Women

Raouf’s choice to compete without makeup has received support from skin-positive activists who condemn the beauty industry for using manipulated photographs. The industry has taken advantage of women’s insecurities for far too long. As a student of political science at King’s College London, Raouf wants to inspire women who, like her, have felt unqualified and unaccepted.

A Journey to Self-Acceptance

Raouf’s journey to the Miss England finals started with her winning the Miss London Bare Face Top Model competition in June. She then went on to win the Miss England semifinals in August. Before the finals, Raouf participated in a 10-kilometer race and litter cleanup in London to raise funds for the Miss World-affiliated charity, Beauty with a Purpose.

A Revolution in Beauty

Elle Seline, a former competitor in the Ms. Great Britain competition, supports Raouf’s decision. Seline, who also competed without using cosmetics, believes that Raouf’s choice will lead to a revolution in beauty standards. She hopes that society will embrace beauty in a new way and undergo a significant transformation.

The Finals and Beyond

Raouf and the other Miss England finalists competed in ten rounds, including hair and talent. The crown was ultimately won by Jessica Gagen, an aerospace engineering student. Gagen will now represent England in the Miss World competition, competing against contestants from over 120 other nations.

Embracing True Beauty

In her final speech, Raouf emphasized the need for change in society’s expectations of women. She called for acceptance and celebration of all women, regardless of age or background. Raouf believes that it is time to embrace our natural beauty and show the world that we are beautiful just the way we are.

The Rise of Skin Positivity

The movement for genuine skin love has been steadily growing, surprising even influencers who were concerned about negative feedback. Influencers like Mariia Bilenka, a marketing professional, shared their own skin stories on social media, prompting others to join the movement. The hashtags #bareface and #skinpositivity now have hundreds of thousands of posts, indicating the expansion of a previously small group.

Inner Confidence Shines Bright

Raouf discovered that true beauty comes from within during her journey in the Miss England contest. Whether wearing makeup or going bare-faced, it is the inner confidence and self-acceptance that radiate the most. Makeup and filters may enhance our appearance temporarily, but it is the love and acceptance of ourselves in our natural skin that truly shines.

Let’s celebrate real beauty and embrace our unique selves, for that is where true beauty lies.


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