Mailman smashes door after hearing a faint voice calling for help

The postman was leaving the correspondence in front of the 94-year-old’s door when he heard someone screaming inside. He panicked, was frightened, but broke down the door. What he saw there changed his life: “On the floor, for over 20 hours, she…

Being a mailman means meeting many new people while on the job, some of which become good friends over the years.

One thing that we all love about these people is that they also often bond with dogs who eagerly wait for them to deliver the mail or a package to their owners because they usually bring treats.

Josh Hafta has been delivering the mail for some years now and he has been on the same route most of the time. Over a period of time, he bonded with some of the people in the neighborhood, among which a 94-year-old woman named Alice Bachke.

This elderly lady has been living all by herself and she was looking forward to each meeting with Josh. Very often, she would invite him over for a cup of tea and cookies to chat.

One day, as he was around the neighborhood, Josh knocked on Alice’s door, but no one answered. He was aware she had a hard time walking so he waited for a while. After some time, he heard her voice. She was asking for help.

That’s when Josh entered the place and saw her on the floor. Alice explained that she was in that position from the previous day and spent many hours lying on the floor as she wasn’t able to stand up on her own.

Josh took her in his arms and placed her on a bed after which he called the ambulance. Alice was taken to the hospital and given proper medical help.

Not having anyone in her life, Alice knew that if someone could save her it would be Josh, her only visitor.

She considers him her hero.

Once this story spread around, Josh was given an award for his bravery by the company where he works.

He said he was glad he could help an old friend out and added that he would always be there for her whenever she needs him.

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