M.C. Hammer at 60: You Can’t Touch His Daily Routine

Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known to many as M.C. Hammer, had his biggest success in the 1980’s and 90’s as a rapper with hits like, “Let’s Get It Started,” “2 Legit 2 Quit,” and “U Can’t Touch This.” Nearly 30 years later, the now 60-year-old rapper, dancer, minister and entrepreneur spends much of his time speaking, doing appearances, watching his investments in the tech world and staying fit. All of which boils down to his daily routine.

On Marriage:

Hammer has been married to his wife for over 35 years! They have five children and she’s been with him before the fame, through it and still with him after it. Hammer simply says, “You have wealth when you have a family. Family is all that I need.” Praying for them, listening to them and taking his wife and family with him on his travels is apart of Hammer’s routine of building a close, tight-knit family.

On Fighting Depression:

“Ask my wife and she’ll tell you that after 25 years, my mood never changes whatever stuff is being thrown at me. Growing up in such an adverse situation — my mom and eight siblings shared a cramped house in a rough part of California — it toughens you, and you learn how to keep your cool no matter what.”

On Staying Fit

“It goes back to what you eat, how you work out, and the hours you put in training and mastering your craft. It all comes into play. Then you gotta love it; love it like it’s not a task. I look forward to working out. I love going to the gym. I love dancing. And so I look at it like a sport, understand it as a sport, and then understand the give and take of the energy. I give my energy to people and they return the energy. It’s very spiritual and it’s very intimate. All of that kind of just creates a special environment.

“You know what the secret is? The secret is God. When you have Him, you have an endless supply of youth and of energy. With God, plus working out and eating right, it’s a great mix. For the past 20 years, I’ve started each morning with a shake that includes protein powder, fresh and frozen green vegetables, a multivitamin for men, 2 mg of fish oils and four capsules of glucosamine to keep my joints supple. It keeps my immune system pretty robust — I haven’t had a cold or flu in 20 years”

“I let my music and my lifestyle speak for itself. In my music and the upcoming project as well, I address specifically mental health and focus on mental health along with obviously trying to be in condition. So that’s the way I address it.”

On Dancing:

“I dance up and down the stairs! I also try to make it to the dance studio twice a week and my five kids often come with me. You gotta learn to love keeping fit — get your favorite music on and work your body to the rhythm of the beat.”

“It’s all on a Hammer excellence level of performance and have the fun and bring the fun, the joy of the culture to these new generations. And so in order to do that, you got to be in top condition. I mean, performing is nothing like it on the planet. I’ve got my football player friends … they get out there for about five minutes and say, ‘Hammer, you crazy. How can you go at that level for a hour and a half?’”

On Sleeping:

“I average between four and five hours a night,” admits Hammer. “I can’t go to bed before 1am either; I have to stay up, whether watching tv or catching up on mail. I suppose that’s the musician in me being used to operating into the night. You have to do what works for your body.”


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