Love is never false. False are our deeds that we believe we do out of love.

The fact that you hold the teeth of a man who makes you unhappy will not bring anything good in your life. The fact that you live in a beautiful setting, but with a man you love anything but character will not fulfill your life, but will only fill it with illusions … and even if at the moment it will feel pleasant ” to have ”, you will soon discover that you actually have nothing. The fact that you caress and kiss him with the thought of the next collection of clothes or jewelry does not make you the best girlfriend in the world, and the fact that you accept all his whims suffering does not make you a martyr. No one forces you to do anything, unless you become a slave to material things … or even to your own mind, because you have imposed on yourself anything other than love.


If you hold on to the teeth of a man who deceives you, who runs as far as to spend time with you, who does not respect you, no one is to blame for your unhappiness. Facts speak better than words. What do yours say about your love? Do you choose to control him, to make a scandal every day based on various frivolous reasons? Do you choose to invade his privacy because you don’t trust him? Do you choose to complain about the behavior of the girlfriend you go out for coffee with? If so, then you are living a sick relationship. If you really want to solve something, talk openly with him! Tell him what you want and ask him if he can offer it to you. Let him talk about your deeds, about what he wants and set together the path to go, not based on ideas, but on real facts.


Love is the most beautiful state we can experience in this life. It cannot be false, it cannot be selfish or hurtful. Love cannot bring evil into our lives, but it can only change our perspectives and show us other ways to live, because there is an alternative to unhappiness. There is also a “gift” here: but you have to make certain sacrifices to find that real love: we have to sacrifice pride, material comfort (if it comes from the partner) … and we have to seek, get involved … that the chances of everything falling from the sky are pretty slim … Are we willing to give up all this to calm our hearts and feel what it’s like to love?


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