Love is camouflaged in various forms and forms, some harmonious, others less so … The only thing you have to do is look for it without being overwhelmed by the importance of appearances.

It’s hard work with love. Okay, the truth is, it’s actually hard work with appearances. Even though we are aware that it is the soul that matters in the end, we are seldom willing to give a chance to someone who does not meet our beauty standards. It’s hard to recognize, but the reality is harsh: People are really extremely superficial. How many times do we give the chance to make us happy to someone who does not meet our physical expectations?

It is quite sad, but until someone discovers your goodness and the principles of healthy living that you follow with holiness, the aspect will be the one that will matter in the first phase. This judgment is applied by many of us. If “it doesn’t look good”, is it worth our attention?

This mentality pushes the rejected to do very hard things to capture the attention or interest of the person they like. These things destroy you (I’m not talking about reputation, because that’s the last thing we should think about). The despair that pushes you to such sacrifices prevents you from seeing how much harm you are doing to yourself, how you humiliate yourself only for the sake of a man who does not appreciate you and does not love you for what YOU ARE, not for what you seem to be. (And just as an addition, you can dress anyway, you can give your body to whoever you want, but know that you are only lying. He will not love you, but will take advantage of the despair you let come out by all the pores, he will take what is offered to him on the tray and he will leave, because you will never be to his liking if you had to resort to such strategies).

It’s extremely difficult to synchronize with that wonderful person you’re looking for, but I don’t think it’s impossible. Until then, you will fall in love with others as a child, your hormones will go crazy, you will suffer because the one you love does not reward you with the same attention (and goes out with your girlfriend or colleague or I know who else). These things are missed and unjust for each of us, but life involves a lot of disappointment … But we have to experience a little of everything to be complete people, and the comfort we will receive at the right time will wipe away like a charm. any unpleasant childhood memory.

Appearances dictate nowadays. They can help you a lot or pull you down. In such a world, it is difficult not to suffer, not to get angry. Take care of your soul, do not seek moments instead of eternity and do not seek to deceive yourself instead of being happy. These things are possible if you think with the right brain! Respect your principles, respect your ideas and respect your body! No one deserves your respect more than you!


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