A story for present and future mothers. “My mother would eat it, what a man he is!”

In my excessive internet browsing or as a friend of my “internet” calls him, I came across a story I would say a bit sad. No, kind of very sad. If he was a fictional character, it was the same, but the problem is that there are many cases like this. So I wish you a pleasant but memorable reading. Because too much fluff now puts your offspring on the spine in the future.

“She got drunk for the first time when she was 12!

To his mother’s undisguised delight:

Listen, darling, what my son did! He drank a liter of white wine, from that dry one, I found him drunk at home! This is a little man, he looks like a cue!

The child was smiling, happy, his mother’s words confirmed that he was on the right track!

At the age of 16, he raped a girl, took her with another boy to the bank of the ravine, more crawling, more with promises that they would do nothing to him if he listened to them. Then the story, indignant:

Look, bre, and that fool, he reported to the police, big cheese, like what I did to him!

And his mother, from the shadows:

Leave it, mother, I’m going to give her some money to withdraw the statement, damn her! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, that’s how girls are today! Some stinkers, only to hurt!

The boy serenely told the deed, to anyone who wanted to hear it; he had no regrets, on the contrary, he was somewhat proud, especially since his mother added:

I’ve been telling you since I was little that this one becomes a man, no joke!

At the age of 18, he sold potatoes in Obor Square and deceived people on the scales, but not like that, a little, but without a curtain: he prepared bags with 30 kg written on them and put only 25 inside, no one stayed to check. He was fooling the rest, pretending not to give him the money, you were desperately rummaging in your pockets and he was collecting once more.

What to do, darling, the world is bad, what, do you think others are better? Let it be so, that if you are honest today you will starve! He knows what he’s doing, he’s big now!

At the age of 18, he took drugs and, in order to be able to buy them, he started stealing: a radio from other people’s cars, a leather jacket… One day, desperately, he took the door out of the house. They sell it for nothing!

The boy can’t help himself, this is a disease, it’s not a joke with these drugs, to see him look weak and sad! If you want to buy them, just don’t see it like that! Yes, I went with him to the doctor and he has treatment.

Now he’s in jail, as far as I know! I don’t even ask what he did, I know he’s capable of anything.

She struggles to get him out, sends him packages, pays lawyers.

She’s fighting for her son, of course!

What should I do to them? Leave him there? Enough that his father doesn’t want to know about him! But let him go out, he has one who is waiting for him, to marry her, because from now on he is a real man! “


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