Lizzo Sets the Record Straight: She’s Not Quitting Music, She’s Quitting Negativity

Lizzo is here to silence the rumors once and for all. The talented singer recently took to Instagram to clarify her previous post where she mentioned quitting music. In her heartfelt video, she explained that when she said “I quit,” she meant quitting giving any attention to negative energy.

“I want to make it clear that I’m not quitting the joy of my life, which is making music and connecting with people,” Lizzo passionately expressed. She acknowledged that she’s not alone in experiencing the overwhelming voice of negativity, which often drowns out the positive.

The 35-year-old singer, known for her hit songs like “Good As Hell,” emphasized her commitment to inspiring others to stand up for themselves and refuse to let negativity and negative comments win. Lizzo shared that if she could inspire just one person, she would have achieved more than she could have ever hoped for. In her own words, she stated, “I’m going to keep moving forward and keep being me.”

Lizzo’s original post last Friday expressed her exhaustion from constantly being criticized and dragged by others, both in her personal life and online. Despite her desire to spread joy through music and make the world a better place, she feels unwanted and targeted. Lizzo expressed her frustration with being judged solely based on her appearance and having her character dissected by people who don’t even know her.

Lizzo’s journey has been further strained by the lawsuit filed against her by her former backup dancers. The lawsuit accuses her of creating a toxic work environment and sexual harassment. However, Lizzo vehemently denies these allegations, calling them “sensationalized” and false.

Not only has Lizzo faced legal battles, but she has also found herself at the center of additional sexual harassment allegations from six of her employees. Despite these challenges, Lizzo remains resilient and determined to fight back against these accusations.

With grace and strength, Lizzo has asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the harassment lawsuits, deeming them “ridiculous.” She has also requested a trial by jury to address the complaints.

Lizzo’s clarification video serves not only as a personal statement but also as an inspiration for others dealing with negativity. Her resilience and determination to keep making music and spreading joy serve as a reminder to everyone that we shouldn’t let the negative voices overpower the positive ones.

So, let’s join Lizzo on her journey and support her in spreading love, positivity, and empowering music to a world that needs it more than ever.


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