Linda Perry Credits Her 9-Year-Old Child Rhodes with Saving Her Life: ‘Blessing in so Many Ways’ (Exclusive)

Linda Perry, the rockstar extraordinaire, is giving her pint-sized partner-in-crime, Rhodes, all the credit for turning her life around.

Just ahead of the premiere of her heart-stirring documentary ‘Linda Perry: Let It Die Here,’ Perry, at a sprightly 59, waxed lyrical to PEOPLE magazine about how her 9-year-old bundle of energy, Rhodes, is woven into every fiber of her life. It’s a film that features icons like Dolly Parton (cue applause), Christina Aguilera, Kate Hudson, Brandi Carlile, and her fabulous ex-wife, Sara Gilbert – all joining in to paint the portrait of Perry’s life.

“If it were up to me, the whole documentary would be about Rhodes because I think what an incredibly fascinating character Rhodes is, and I don’t want people to think that, oh, it was a one-time thing that particular day,” Perry explains to PEOPLE of a scene in the film in which Rhodes joins her at work. “Rhodes comes to the studio all the time and is a part of everything that I do.”

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Having a kid in the studio isn’t just about hot cocoa breaks and playing hide-and-seek among sound equipment. No way! For Perry, it’s about forging an indomitable bond through truth and transparency.

“It’s extremely important that my child understands where I come from and who I am and how much work it takes to be an actual healthy human being in this world,” Perry emphasizes, her passion practically leaping off the page. “So I’m always teaching and hoping [Rhodes] thrive[s] in life, but it’s important to know, ‘Oh, this is where I came from.’ So we have a lot of really awesome talks that I’m so proud of that I can be that type of parent.”

But hey, life wasn’t always this rosy. Perry candidly reveals that she initially balked at the idea of a mini-me. “When Sara was like, ‘I think we should have a baby.’ I was like, ‘No f—ing way, dude,’” she divulges.

Her reluctance was deeply rooted in her rocky relationship with her own mother. “If 1% of my mom was in me, ‘It’s not even worth the risk,’ I told her,” Perry says, showing just how much her past loomed over her decision.

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Enter Sara Gilbert, convincer-in-chief, who finally persuaded Perry that embracing motherhood would be their ultimate adventure. And what a ride it’s been!

“So I’m an awesome mom, and I am really, like, Rhodes has saved my life,” Perry proudly declares. “This child is a blessing in so many ways and continues to be stronger than I’ll ever be.”

For more on the unfiltered fabulousness of Linda Perry, grab the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine when it hits the stands this Friday. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!


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