Linda Nolan’s Inspiring Journey Through Cancer Treatment

Linda Nolan, the brave sister of Coleen Nolan, has been sharing her emotional journey through cancer treatment with her fans. Despite facing an incurable cancer diagnosis, Linda remains optimistic and has recently reached a significant turning point that she never imagined she would reach.

In a heartwarming update, Linda shared a touching image of herself cuddling up to her new great niece. She expressed her joy and gratitude for being able to meet the newest addition to the Nolan family, a grandchild of her sister Maureen. It was a milestone moment for Linda, and she couldn’t find the words to fully describe what it meant to her.

Meeting her grand niece brought immense happiness to Linda Nolan. She revealed that during her treatment, all she could do was sit on the sofa and order tons of baby clothes. She never thought she would get the chance to see the baby in those clothes. But now, she is grateful to have the opportunity to finally embrace this precious moment.

Through her journey, Linda has been open about the challenges she faces due to chemotherapy, particularly the fatigue it brings. She shared how she fell asleep during her third round of chemo and emphasized the importance of support from fellow patients, as the treatment can often feel isolating. Linda acknowledged the value of her “cancer pals” and expressed her gratitude for their understanding during such a difficult time.

It’s not just Linda who is facing hardships within the Nolan family. Coleen Nolan, renowned for her role on Loose Women, received her own cancer diagnosis earlier this year. She was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on her shoulder and melanoma on her face. However, thanks to early detection, her prognosis is positive and she is currently undergoing treatment.

Coleen discovered a small patch of reddish skin on her shoulder and tried various treatments, but it wouldn’t go away. The dermatologist diagnosed her with basal cell carcinoma and assured her that although it needed to be treated with chemotherapy cream or removed, it did not necessarily spread. Coleen returned after six weeks of treatment and had two marks on her face examined, which were then identified as melanoma.

Coleen’s early detection of the cancer is crucial and offers hope for a successful treatment. We send our best wishes to both Linda and Coleen as they navigate their individual journeys through cancer.

Linda’s story is one of strength and resilience, serving as an inspiration to all who face similar battles. She reminds us that even in the face of adversity, there can be moments of joy and milestones to celebrate. Linda’s determination and positive outlook are truly remarkable, and we stand by her side in support.


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