Leading Prayer on Air: A Unique Occurrence on Fox News

Have you ever seen news anchors leading prayer on air? It’s not something we come across every day, as news channels rarely mix religion with their programming. However, Fox News host Pete Hegseth decided to do something different. In a segment sponsored by a Bible app, Hegseth asked his co-hosts and viewers of “Fox & Friends” to join him in prayer.

Poking fun at the situation, Hegseth quipped, “We have more ‘Fox and Friends’ coming up, but you know what, this is a transition for transitions if you’ve ever had one.” It was a lighthearted way to introduce their unique prayer session.

Hegseth further explained that it was the 5th Sunday of Lent and their prayer series would continue with a reading from the Hallow app. As he read the prayer on-screen, he invited everyone to close their eyes and bow their heads in respect. The prayer focused on understanding the mystery of Jesus’ sacrifice and surrender, and asking for His presence and grace. Hegseth thanked Christ for His selfless love before concluding the prayer. Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy added an “Amen” to signify her agreement.

This may not be the first time a Fox News host has expressed their faith on-air. Host Kayleigh McEnany once mentioned that House Speaker Mike Johnson believes God is leading the way. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt also encouraged viewers to pray for Speaker Johnson, emphasizing the need for guidance from God.

While this act of leading prayer on air evoked mixed reactions, some viewers were moved and appreciated the sincerity of the hosts. Others, however, were skeptical and saw it as a political stunt or insincere. It’s interesting to note the diverse range of opinions on this matter.

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