Kids with Frugal Parents Share Their Craziest Experiences

For those who value every penny and prioritize making every dollar count, being thrifty is a way of life. These cheapskates find joy in finding great deals, reusing items, and making the most of every purchase. And when they get something for free, it’s a reason to celebrate!

We’ve gathered some wild experiences from kids who have frugal parents. These stories will surely make you smile and maybe even inspire you to embrace your own thrifty side. Let’s dive in!

Dad’s Smart Move for a Free Soap Bar

One Reddit user shared how their dad cleverly obtained a free soap bar. When a guy came to their house to demonstrate a water filter, he used a soap bar in the demo and left it behind. The dad then called four other companies for more free demos, all to keep the soap bars. It seems like he knows how to get the best deals without spending a dime!

Dad’s Paper Towel Obsession

Another Reddit user talked about their dad’s obsession with paper towels. Even at the age of 21, they have to ask permission before using them, for fear of wasting them. The dad always buys the cheapest things, which often end up breaking. One time, the user spilled a gallon of milk at their dad’s place, and their girlfriend used a whole roll of paper towels to clean it up. The dad was clearly disappointed, showing just how precious those paper towels are to him.

Dad’s Unusual Ways to Save Money

Dads can be quite inventive when it comes to saving money. One Reddit user mentioned that their dad hates paying for electricity, so he hangs his clothes outside, even in freezing weather. The dad also checks his kids’ trash for anything valuable, like money or recyclables. And when it comes to gas prices, he can spend hours looking for the cheapest one in town. Talk about dedication!

The Return Policy Expert

One person shared how their dad mastered Costco’s return policy. They returned an outdoor furniture set that had been worn out by weather and had some broken pieces. Surprisingly, Costco accepted the return, and the dad used the money to cover most of the cost for a new patio set. Now that’s smart!

My Grandma’s Thrifty Ways

Spending summers at their grandparents’ place, one Reddit user recalls their grandmother’s thrifty habits. From using coupons to making people take her out to dinner as a favor, she knew how to get the best deals. Her purse was often filled with napkins and buffet leftovers from her frugal outings. And for her birthday dinner, they had to drive over an hour to a Sizzler she hadn’t been banned from. Grandma really knew how to make every dining experience count!

These stories from kids of frugal parents remind us of the creativity and resourcefulness that comes with being thrifty. They show that saving money can be an adventure in itself! So, the next time you spot a great deal or find something for free, celebrate just like these super thrifty individuals. Remember, every penny saved is a victory!


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