Khoury Booze: A Punctual Legend at KFC

This man put forth a lot of effort and was never late, therefore he received a $10,000 bonus. - Planetee. Info

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be consistently punctual and dedicated at work? Meet Khoury Booze, a KFC employee from Macon, Georgia, who recently received a whopping $10,000 bonus for his exceptional attendance record. Despite working long hours since 1992, Khoury has never missed a day or been late. His remarkable achievement has not only earned him a substantial reward but also the admiration of his colleagues.

A Well-deserved Reward

When the news broke on December 31, 2021, it was apparent that Khoury’s efforts did not go unnoticed. Branch manager Christina Braddy explained that the bonus was awarded through a lottery system where all employees who maintained perfect attendance were eligible. By a stroke of luck, Khoury emerged as the recipient of this special prize.

Khoury’s dedication to his work goes beyond simply showing up every day. He takes pride in his responsibilities, supervising the process diligently and committing himself fully. His supervisor commended him for his unwavering commitment and outstanding daily performance. Even Khoury’s own mother initially found it hard to believe the news, thinking he was being sarcastic when he shared his achievement with her.

A Bright Future

With his newfound bonus, Khoury plans to use the money to support his family and ensure the maintenance of his vehicle. However, he has not forgotten the sense of camaraderie he feels with his colleagues. To him, the KFC staff is like an extended family. He encourages young people who join the company to dedicate themselves to their work, save money, and seize opportunities that may arise in the future.

Dedication and Recognition

While Khoury’s story is exceptional, he is not the only employee recognized for his dedication. On his 27th anniversary with the company, another employee, Kevin Ford, received a special gift from Burger King. Although it may not have been as extravagant as Khoury’s bonus, it’s the sentiment behind the gift that matters most.

Let Khoury Booze’s inspiring story serve as a reminder that hard work and commitment can reap unexpected rewards. Whether it’s in the form of a bonus or simply the respect and admiration of your colleagues, your efforts are always worthwhile.


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