Kate Middleton has once again touched the hearts of the British!

A young girl wanted to put a stuffed Corgi dog at the Queen’s feet, and Kate Middleton was kind enough to do something kind for her.

Thousands of people gathered outside the main gates of Sandringham House in order to pay their respects to the royal family. Prince William and Kate Middleton stayed for almost an hour in order to welcome the mourners that had assembled.

When Kate looked around, she noticed that Elizabeth Sulkovska, who was just eight years old at the time, was there in the crowd along with her pals from Howard Junior School in King’s Lynn.

The Princess of Wales made a thoughtful gesture by escorting a young girl as she laid a stuffed corgi and a bunch of flowers amid the memorials for the deceased.

Gregory Hill, who is her head teacher, said that Elizabeth was so happy that she sobbed tears of joy when she found out she had been picked.

“This is simply a beautiful and amazing chance that has presented itself.”

The older generation obviously knew the Queen for longer, but young children who haven’t experienced the Queen for long on the throne still are greatly moved by her passing, and really want to do their best to celebrate her life and legacy and never forget her, he added. “The older generation obviously knew the Queen for longer,” he said. “The younger generation has been touched as well.”

In addition to paddington bears and corgis, some of the students at the school made tributes in the form of corgis. Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales noted both of these tributes.

The humorous skit that the Queen performed for her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year was referenced in the tribute as a way to pay homage to her.

This comes after a procession carrying the Queen’s coffin from the palace to Westminster Hall, where members of the royal family including King Charles, William, and Prince Harry walked behind it.

Relatives of the Queen attended the funeral at the hall, which was presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury and took their places facing the casket as it lay on its catafalque draped in purple.

The line of mourners seeking to pay their respects to the monarch at Westminster Hall continues to see many more people join it each hour.


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