Johnny Brought Home His History Test Result

Little Johnny came home proudly with his history test result, which showed a score of 90.

His father was overjoyed and praised Johnny for his efforts.

However, his mother, Karen, found it hard to believe that her son had scored 90 in history.

She decided to take a closer look at the marks and noticed something unusual. The handwriting of the numbers 9 and 0 did not match.

“Johnny, you are in big trouble. Be honest with me, did you add the 0 to your score?”

“No, mum, I didn’t,” Johnny protested.

“I’m asking you one more time. Did you add that extra 0 to your score?”

“Mum, no, I didn’t add that 0,” Johnny insisted.

“Alright, since you’re not telling the truth, you’re grounded for a month!”

“Mum, no, please, I didn’t add the 0,” Johnny pleaded.

“This is your last chance, young man. Tell me the truth.”

Finally, Johnny confessed, “I… I just added the 9 to it.”


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