Jennifer Lopez, 52, Takes Off Makeup, Leaves Us With No Words

On Instagram, Jennifer Lopez is sharing her finest skincare advice. 52-year-old Marry Me star recently uploaded a brand-new video without any makeup.

J. Lo discusses how she takes such fantastic care of her skin as she speaks to the camera while wearing a robe (and shares her fave products from her own skincare line, JLo Beauty.)

And the audience was enthralled. One user wrote, “Natural beauty.” Another person chimed in, “THAT GLOWWWW.”

Jennifer believes that consistency is important. She also says that she makes care to give her face the rest, relaxation, and hydration it needs after a hard day on the set. Hey, if her daily routine makes her glow this much:

If so, I would be all in. The “old faithful” JLo Glow Serum, which has an olive compound to help hydrate and plump skin, is the first product J. Lo uses. She smooths it on and giggles, “I just want to keep adding more and more.”

Jennifer uses the serum all over, including on her ears and neck as well as her face. She continues, “I’m telling you, this thing is magic in a bottle.

J. Lo reveals near the conclusion of the video that she typically uses the JLo Beauty That Hit Single Gel-Cream Cleanser to remove makeup before using the serum. In every regard, it’s “wonderful,” the producer of Good Trouble claims.

However, J. Lo has previously divulged some of her skincare secrets. “Always get enough sleep is the best advice. I must emphasize this. I always make sure I get at least eight hours of sleep, though I would want to get nine or ten “She spoke to InStyle.

She takes her SPF seriously as well.

She told Women’s Health, “I’ve been using sunscreen as a moisturizer since I was approximately 18 years old.

“One of the major secrets I can share with everyone is that they do not treat environmental damage to our skin, which occurs every day, as well as sun damage, seriously enough. Additionally, making a difference can be achieved by wearing sunscreen every day.”

Moreover, what about the olive extract in her serum? A family beauty secret, that is. You shouldn’t use just olive oil on yourself because you don’t want to smell like a salad and it’s kind of like nature’s hidden ingredient that we just don’t utilize enough of, according to Jennifer.

“It resembles a more contemporary version of a well-kept beauty secret. Everyone in my family loved it because it provided radiance, “Added she.

Diet is also important: “Sorry, but that’s true! I believe that consuming a lot of water and eating fresh foods rich in fruits and vegetables—which I always have on hand—all contribute to the quality of skin’s appearance, J. Lo told People.

Affirmations also help her feel good inside and out throughout the day. “I am young and enduring. I repeat that to myself several times each day. Age is all in your mind sounds like cliched bullsh*t, but it’s not. Consider Jane Fonda “In her statement to Harper’s Bazaar.


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