Jackie Chan’s daughter breaks silence and reveals what everyone suspected about her famous father 

Jackie Chan, the beloved martial arts movie star, recently captured the hearts of many when a video of him with his ‘daughter’ went viral. However, the truth behind this heartwarming moment has now come to light, and it is truly shocking.

A Touching Father-Daughter Moment

In the video that took social media by storm, Jackie Chan is seen standing next to a woman who appears to be his daughter. They watch old videos of him performing daring stunts in his movies. Emotionally, his daughter declares that he is the best, which moves Chan to tears. This heartwarming scene melted the hearts of viewers and garnered immense admiration.

The Unexpected Reality

Contrary to popular belief, the woman in the video is not Jackie Chan’s daughter but actress Liu Haocun. The scene is actually from Chan’s recent movie, “Ride On.” In his personal life, his daughter is named Etta Ng Chok Lam, and they are currently estranged.

Etta has bravely come forward, revealing that her famous father abandoned her. According to her, their estrangement is allegedly connected to her being a lesbian and the difficulties she faced as a result. Despite her father’s substantial wealth, she has been living a challenging life, even experiencing homelessness.

The Complex Relationship

Etta was born out of an extramarital affair between Jackie Chan and beauty pageant queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei in 1999. Chan has been married to his wife, Joan Lin, since 1982. Reflecting on his past actions, he admitted, “I’m not a saint. I’ve done something wrong. I’ve done something that many men in the world have done. Maybe it was a moment of playfulness.”

Further complicating matters, Etta has accused her father of being homophobic, which she claims has contributed to their strained relationship. This revelation has left many people shocked and disappointed.

A Misunderstood Moment

When the video clip went viral, many people were led to believe that it was a genuine father-daughter moment. However, as the truth emerged, it became apparent that the situation was far more complex and heartbreaking than initially thought.

Jackie Chan has yet to address the allegations made by his daughter in 2018 or comment on the video’s mistaken authenticity that garnered significant goodwill for him. This is an unfortunate situation that many people were previously unaware of. Let us share this knowledge so that others can understand the struggles of Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter.


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