Embracing Cultural Heritage: TV Presenter Proudly Defends Māori Facial Tattoo

TV presenter with Māori face tattoo hits back at cruel trolls

Oriini Kaipara, a pioneering television host, has gracefully responded to negative comments about her traditional Māori facial tattoo. Her elegant response reaffirms her pride in her cultural heritage and identity. As the first primetime TV news bulletin presenter in New Zealand to showcase the revered cultural marking known as moko kauae, Kaipara has made history and become the subject of online debate.

Māori people, the indigenous Polynesian population of mainland New Zealand, view moko kauae as powerful symbols of their heritage and identity. Traditionally worn on the lips and chins, these facial tattoos represent a woman’s familial connections, leadership within her community, and honor her lineage, status, and capabilities.

While Kaipara has received widespread praise for embracing her cultural expression, she recently encountered a viewer named David who expressed displeasure with her moko kauae in an email to Newshub. However, she remained undeterred. In a display of bravery, she shared screenshots of the messages on her Instagram story and responded with grace and dignity.

In her response, Kaipara acknowledged David’s concerns, but firmly stated that moko tattoos bear no ill intent and should not be subject to discrimination or prejudice. She urged him to refrain from further complaints and instead embrace cultural understanding and respect.

Despite the harsh criticism from David, Kaipara highlighted the overwhelming support she predominantly receives from the public. She emphasized the rarity of trolls like him and stressed the need for more Māori advocates in various fields. Kaipara believes that the discomfort her mere presence may cause some individuals underscores the importance of representation and inclusion.

Kaipara’s dignified response serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of cultural pride and resilience in the face of adversity. Her story inspires others to embrace their identities unapologetically and challenge discriminatory attitudes. By sharing her experience, she encourages cultural understanding and fosters a more inclusive society.

Oriini Kaipara
Māori Facial Tattoo

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