Isn’t it funny how what you judged once makes you happy now?

I judged a lot of everything, almost anything and everyone didn’t do things the way they seemed normal to me. From people who don’t eat chocolate, to people who offend at the intersection, they all went through the filter of my thinking and few managed to pass my standards. Why? I don’t know exactly either, but it is certain that I managed to find a knot in the rush, I managed to find another reason to judge.


And years and years have passed. And I met people and people. Which are more beautiful, which are smarter, which are more flawed … or at least that’s how I found them. As a concrete example, I did not understand how a normal person in the head can rely on faith in God more than on his own strength, I did not understand how people can respect the Bible today, that only so much has changed since then ? And what to see? I was so wrong!


I can say that I am sorry for many things, but most of all I am sorry that I did not realize earlier what God wants from me. If I had thought, if at least I had been a little interested, I would certainly have understood that the Bible is as current today as it was then, that God is really by my side all the time and that I upset Him so much. through what I was. And today I wouldn’t be so sorry for the things I judged, thought, talked or did … But better later than never, right?


Today I try to be different … and I succeed! And not because I would be who knows who, because I would have an iron will or who knows what else I do especially, but because I asked Him to help me, I asked Him to forgive me and change. And he listened to me! And today I became one of those people I once saw strange for this world … And guess what? I’ve never been happier!


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