Is this Easter dress appropriate for young girls?

When Meghan Mayer, a conservative mom from Michigan, came across an adorable Easter dress at her local Target, she thought she had found the perfect outfit for her young daughters. But upon closer inspection, she noticed something that left her feeling conflicted. The dress had cutouts at the waist, which made her question its appropriateness for young girls.

As a mother who values modesty in her daughters’ clothing choices, Mayer couldn’t help but wonder if she was overreacting. To seek public opinion, she turned to TikTok and shared a video showing the dress, asking viewers what they thought about it.

The response she received was divided. Many agreed with Mayer and expressed their disapproval of the dress. One person commented, “Absolutely inappropriate. My daughter is 4 and wears a size 6/7.” Another lamented, “That dress is so cute until you see the slit. Why did they have to ruin it like that?!?”

On the other hand, some people didn’t see a problem with the cutouts. They argued that children today are maturing faster and that this kind of dress is no different from what was considered acceptable in the past. As one user reminisced, “When I was a kid in the 70s, I wore halter tops and tube tops. They were not seen as a big deal. I don’t think this is scandalous.”

The debate ultimately boils down to whether dresses with waist cutouts are suitable for young girls. While opinions clash, one thing is clear – Meghan Mayer’s discovery has sparked an important conversation about the choices available in children’s fashion.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Should young girls wear dresses with waist cutouts, or is it best to stick with more modest options? Join the conversation on our Facebook page!


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